March 02, 2018

Studying Has No Age Limit

By Ashmika Chottu

"For me, the meaning of life is to constantly challenge and improve myself,”- a quote from an 81-year-old Chinese grandmother who recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in e-commerce.  Ms Xue Minxiu of Beijing is one of millions around the world who have been defying the odds and becoming their own ‘never-too-old-to-learn’ legend.

Learning is crucial to the human existence. From learning how to take ones first steps as a baby, reciting the alphabets as a toddler, applying addition and subtraction as a child and eventually passing matric as a teenager. The human mind is constantly expanding, looking for new information to process and make sense off.

But how do we know when is the right time to take it further? Well the answer is that there’s never a ‘right time’. As much as we as humans may plan our life according to societal beliefs that there are stages for everything, there is no ‘right’ age to start taking your knowledge to the next level.

Growing and developing are key elements that help people live a happier and healthy life. No one wants to feel unaccomplished or unskilled. Therefore, taking charge of your learning and improvement is important.

According to research conducted by BBC News, the dynamic of students are changing. Recent statistics from the Higher Education Statistics Agency have found that at least 25 students starting full-time undergraduate degrees were over the age of 70. A surprising statistic that may cause disbelief, but it is true.

Studying can help one during any course or stage in their life. Further education helps people grow in their current positions or helps them identify a passion for something completely different, even if it is twenty years of working experience later. Bookkeepers can become accountants; sales assistants can become sales managers or even a receptionist can upskill and find the right fit in any position within an organisation.

There are many institutions that support people that are willing and dedicated to upskill. One such institution is Damelin Correspondence College (DCC). DCC is a private educational organisation that provides a support system to the working class student. DCC promotes learning at any age and encourages potential students that it is never too late to study.

Take up a short course in Risk Management or Customer Care, complete a certificate in Human Resource Management or Business Administration or register for a National Diploma in any desired field. With Correspondence education, the working class student can learn while they earn and income. Ensuring that they take care of their monetary responsibilities while being true to themselves and exploring their passion for further education.

Do not let age or the stage you are in your life dictate the time to study. Grow, develop and you will succeed.

There is no better feeling than that of the fulfilment of an education, no matter the age. For more information on DCC’s programmes, visit



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