March 17, 2017

10 Life Skills Essential to Success in Business

By Laeeka Khan

Life Skills Essential to Success in Business

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Many of us want to open up our own businesses but usually that’s where it ends. We wake up in the morning and go to our jobs, acutely aware that we have dreams that are aching to be fulfilled. Yet as the sun sets in the afternoon, we realise that once again we’ve placed our dreams on the back-burner.

It is my firm belief that each of us has an inner entrepreneur that is bursting to come to life. Whether it’s a home-baked goods business, a consultancy service or your own events company - whatever the dream may be, it does exist… Perhaps we just need the life skills to help us to get to the next level?

Before we get to that place we need to embark on our own journey. On a personal and work/career level we need experiences that mould and develop us and take us to the next level. We need to develop skills that are essential to success in business.

Here are 10 Life Skills Essential to Success in Business

1. Listening Skills

More often than not our problems stem from “listening to respond” instead of “listening to absorb” information. In a business or working environment, the quieter we become, the more we are able to hear and perceive, and not just at the water cooler either. Successful business training in healthy work environments advocates listening to each other.

2. The Ability to Laugh at Yourself

There is an old quote that reads, "Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive." Yes there are formalities and best practices in workplaces, but in all honesty our greatest strength in the business world lies in our ability to see the lighter side of life. Greater wins for being able to relate to others and approachability.

3. Focus and Concentration

The business world, particularly for an entrepreneur, requires great volumes of concentration. Focus and concentration are required for consuming information, communication and both verbal and non-verbal interaction. The irony of life is that you do not necessarily improve your concentration and focus through practice. When your mind is overtaxed, take a break and remember to breathe.

4. Finding Ways to Build Positivity

Do not think of your life in terms of the nine to five schedule. No matter what you do, find time to go visit that art gallery, go to movies, and have those breath-taking moments. Your success in business is directly relative to your ability to create your own sunshine.

5. Networking Skills

Networking isn’t merely the art of handing out a business card. It shows that you have the ability to care, to seem interested and engaged and to connect with people. Skills transfer and acquisition is another important element of business networking. It is in this way that we get to know more and gain useful leads that will take us further in business.

6. Find Success in Business with the Right Attitude

Choose an attitude of self-encouragement. At any moment, you can be your own worst critic or your greatest champion. The truth is that the world of business is littered with challenges. It is up to you to find purpose in what you do and to adopt the mind-set in which to do it.

7. Be Bold, Be Fearless

Most of the world’s greatest innovators had to step outside the box and risk being called crazy before they tasted success. Walt Disney was once told that he ‘lacked imagination’ and had ‘no good ideas’. JK Rowling faced repeated rejection before her famed book, “Harry Potter”, became a success. Have the courage to work on your ideas, speak to the people who matter and step forward when the opportunity presents itself.

8. Lead with Authenticity

There is only one of you residing behind that pair of eyes. Only one frame of reference that is uniquely yours. Your thoughts, your feelings, your skills and your ideals. Have the courage to give the world value by being your authentic self.

9. Reimagine Failure

You will fall. You will fail. You will get egg on your face in the most horrible way. This is not the talk of a doom merchant. No. This is an inevitable part of life. It is how you face failure and hard times that count. Your ability to see the lessons in failure will help you to use it as a force for change.

10. What do you want?

The question of ‘why’ is perhaps the most important of them all.

Why do you get up in the morning?

What are your goals?

Do you believe in what you are doing?

What you know in your heart to be true will not lead you astray.

Choose to participate in the business world. Whether it be from a workplace or entrepreneurial perspective, you will realise that success will come to you based on the habits and life skills that you put into practice long before the time. Reach your goals from a place that not just causes change but inspires a personal revolution.



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