July 12, 2018

Getting into Entrepreneurship as a student

By Nana Zuke

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What is entrepreneurship?

According to Google, the formal definition of entrepreneurship is the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking financial risks in the hope of profit. Taking the time to draw up a business plan, seek advice and invest money into the business or the idea you have, that is entrepreneurship.

More students are now pursuing business. There are a lot of platforms that are open, offering support to entrepreneurs in their business ventures. For distance students, it is a bit easier to juggle academics and managing the business. This gives students enough time and flexibility to effectively thrive doing both.

When you are studying business management, you get to understand the theoretical part of it. Having your own business that you are managing gives you the chance to put all the fundamental information you are getting into practice. It also helps you become more strategic in your planning and how you want to proceed in your business. A Business Management diploma from Damelin Correspondence College will give you the competitive edge as well as all the crucial information you need to know in order to turn your business into an empire.

The world of business comes with many benefits and opens up many doors to explore other commercial ventures that are unrelated to what you would have originally intended. Being an entrepreneur gives you the chance to focus on building your own personal empire, while doing what you love. Essentially, you grow as your business thrives.

What does it take to be an Entrepreneur?

More students are now pursuing business ventures because of the platforms that are available to them. There are a lot of opportunities in the entertainment industry, and retail where social media is the main medium used for advertising. There is also quite a lot of young people gravitating towards using social media to showcase their talents and their business capabilities, these include YouTubers and influencers. These individuals are new age entrepreneurs who are breaking all barriers.

Most people who have gone the business route failed the first time. This doesn’t mean that you have to quit and never become an entrepreneur. It simply means that you go back to the drawing board to see what you did wrong, what didn’t work in your business plan and how you can improve and learn from what you did previously. When people venture into business the second time, they are most likely to succeed because they know what they did wrong and exactly what they need to correct.

Entrepreneurship requires in-depth knowledge and research. You need to know the market you are getting into. This helps you to identify the risks related to the market as well as the rewards associated with it. By knowing your direct competition, the advantages and the disadvantages will allow you to have line of sight as to what you must look forward to. After all, the main objective after you have started your business is to make money.

What do you need to start a Business?

Also, starting your own business requires you to have capital. Capital is what makes the business operational, grow and move forward. Having capital sets the tone for everything that you want to do in your business. The wise thing to do when you are sure of what your business will offer is to start saving money to inject into the business.  You may even begin saving before you start up the business. It’s never too late to start saving for your dream or passion.

You also need to have investments. As much as you might have your capital or the loan that you got from the bank, at the end of the day what you need is investors who are going to assist you in the growth of your company. Investors are not there to steal your business idea or control the business undertakings. They are there to support your dream and vision by providing you with the monetary support you require. In most cases it is good to have investors that way you have people who will also help steer you in the right direction where the business is concerned.

More and more people are advising that getting into business is the route to go since it is becoming increasingly difficult to survive only one income stream. There are so many business avenues that you can get into as a student from becoming a social media influencer, marketing, public relations, media and even engineering. You just need to really think about what you are good at and where your passion lies.

May 15, 2018

CV Trends to Refresh your Career Prospects

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If you’ve been battling to move forward in your career and you feel like you are being overlooked, maybe it’s time to press that refresh button.

Relook where you are in your career and discover what it’s going to take to take for you to elevate your success. Being aware of trends that are being used by other professionals is something that helps you in your mission to grow.

The first thing that represents you when you’re trying to climb higher is your CV. By enhancing your CV, you stand a greater chance of making the cut for superior roles. Discover the best CV trends and job search tips that will help you reach career attainment.  

1. Personal Digital Presence 

Include your social media pages in your resume. This is a way to show recruiters that you’re tech-savvy and that you have a digital footprint. With the tech evolution, most jobs are being digitised and need for technology skills is ever increasing. Having online presence is a way for recruiters to see your tech-ability.

Your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus profiles are the platforms where most recruiters will conduct research to find out who you are. Your online visibility is especially advantageous when your job is centered around digital media.  

It is also equally important to add links to your website and online portfolio. These platforms are essential in demonstrating your professional expertise. On these platforms, you can brand yourself and showcase your unique flair in the field.

2.Customise your CV for Each Job Application 

When you’re applying for different job roles in your industry, it is important to tailor your information carefully to appeal to employers. You should always outline your strengths and skill sets to match them with the requirements they are looking for in that role.   

You should also include roles where you’ve done similar jobs as the one you’re applying for. You can briefly speak about your duties and the experience you acquired in that role. The requirements for the role should match your ability and knowledge in the field. This will show employers that you would be a perfect fit.     

3.Ensure that the content of your CV is Accurate  

The most disappointing thing that recruiters come across is a badly written CV, with spelling errors. This becomes a waste of time and a wasted opportunity for the candidate.

You have to ensure that your CV characterises you well. It has to be comprehensive, crisp and well written. Meaning you have to showcase your strong points in summary form and make sure that it’s written to the best of your ability. The layout of your content has to have a flow, ensuring that there are no missing parts or information. Lastly, you have to be able to layout your content in the design, and ensure that the content doesn’t take away from the design and vice versa.

4.Good CV design 

A good CV design is essential in this visual age. With so many free CV templates to download online, you can customise your CV in minutes.    

You have to choose a template that will make your CV look simplistic and polished so that recruiters are drawn to it. Visual appeal is equally important as having good content on your CV. If you don’t want to be overlooked, you should definitely invest in improving the design of your CV.         

You can also have a look at CV examples for inspiration when creating your CV. There are free CV templates you can use and download so that you are ready for the next opportunity you see.    

5.Apply in organisations where you would fit in with the Culture 

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As we know, company culture has become a key contributor to business success. More businesses are interested in finding talent that will fit in with their culture. During the meeting process, recruiters are able to see if a candidate can fit into the business culture. You might have the proficiencies and years of experience. However, if you are not a culture fit for the business, it can prevent you from getting the job.

Therefore, when you are job hunting, it’s critical to apply to companies you’d want to work in. You should never just apply for a job without looking into the company culture and determining the value it will add to your career. It is vital to research the company and learn about their values. This will help you with your decision of whether or not you should apply in that organisation. And it will save you the trouble of applying in companies where you don’t fit in with their culture.

6.Add a Relevant qualification to your CV 

Sometimes studying towards a qualification can be the boost that your career needs. It expands your list of expertise on your CV and it shows recruiters that you have the capacity to take on roles. Perhaps it’s time to enrol in a business programme that will grow you as a specialist in your field. This is a great way to acquire niche skills-set that will grow your opportunities for success.                           

Equipping yourself with academic knowledge can increase your chances of landing better job roles. You also increase your earnings when you bring more to the table, which allows you to enjoy a prosperous career.           


About the Author: Khanyie Dlamini Content Creator at Educor Holdings As a writer in the education sector I am passionate about nurturing people in their careers, wellness and personal growth. I focus on a variety of illuminating topics that are helpful to people’s growth and success. I hope to inspire people to feel motivated to live up to their full potential and know they can have an optimistic and prosperous life. My intention is to contribute to an empowered nation that makes great choices and positive change. Personally I enjoy the world of fashion and keeping up with the trends. I have great interest in digital trends and the impact of social media in today’s world. I enjoy learning from other creative people. I value having purposeful relationships with people who have great visions that align with my own.

March 26, 2018

Twenty Slayteen: The Year of Actualising Business Ambitions

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Twenty-slayteen is the year to make bold moves and go for that #sidehustle.

With the emerging growth of innovation and tech ability that is available, there has been an awakening in people to chase their dreams. The technological era is influencing people to believe in their ideas and to activate them. There is a sense of purpose and urgency to expand yourself and explore the opportunities in business.    

More people seem to be taking charge of their lives and careers, some making decisions to follow their business aspirations. The soil is fertile to plant whichever business you decide to invest in at this time.

Are you ready? 

We have been exposed adequate entrepreneurial advice and content that can help us restructure our lives. 2018 is the year to actualise these dreams and make success happen.  

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Make the Jump 

‘Desire without a sense of urgency losses its value.’- Jim Rohn

After meditating on motivation and inspiration for so long now it’s the time to act on your concepts.

To get to this point you will have to eliminate fears such as, how will I survive without an income? Or how long will it take me to build profits with this business? With enough passion and belief in your idea, you can bring value that the world needs and enjoy financial sustenance for the rest of your life.

Believe in your Business Dream 

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The next best thing is the wrong thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.”– Theodore Roosevelt     

You have to believe that this is worth the risk and worth the investment it needs. Before launching your business, it is important to research the market that you want to get into and define what will make your business unique.

You have to be able to envision how you will introduce yourself and plan how to cultivate business growth. In the beginning, you may not have all the fine details of how your business will advance, but you have to have a concept in mind on how you plan to sustain it.

This will help you avoid one of the many tragedies that business enthusiasts face such as start-up failure.

Begin your Side Hustle 

‘Change is the new norm and the new way you can break free of a typical 9-5.  Hustle on the side till your side hustle replaces your full-time job.’- Ryan Stack  

Realistically speaking, not everyone can afford to leave his or her daytime job immediately and build up a business from scratch. However, it is possible to begin investing in your ‘side hustle’ until its strong enough to become the main source of income.

“When I started flirting with the hustle, failure became my ex. Now engaged to the game and married to success.” – Unknown 

There are numerous things you need to know about having a side hustle, which can assist you in making the right choices. This will guide on how you can run your business part-time and still keep your daytime job.

The success of your side hustle depends on the value and effort you invest in it until becomes an established trade. When the demand for you to give your side hustle more attention, that is when you can make the resolution to focus on it. 

Here are some posts of people who have shared their side hustles on social media 

How the Era of Tech-Innovation Heightens Business Prospects 

With innovation and technology, more people are likely to learn about what you offer, which increases the chances of you having a successful business. If you have a good product and offering, people will want to know more and buy into it. You can maximise the convenience of digital media to spread the word about what you do so that when people are looking, they can find you.   

With digital tools such as SEO, your visibility on search engines makes it easier for consumers to find products and business. With the access to social media, businesses are able to display their services to draw more clients.

There are many beneficial tech tools that enhance your products and services to make it convenient for consumers. The buyer is looking for solutions that are suitable and convenient and with technology, this is possible. Tech ability allows you to develop and enhance your offering which ultimately makes it more appealing to buyers.      

Equipping yourself to become a Business Mogul 

Image source: www.mentorfeed.com

Every year there are heaps of events and gatherings for professionals in the business market. These platforms allow entrepreneurs to gain in-depth insight into their sector and gain knowledge about the opportunities. As someone involved in a side hustles or looking to launch your business, you can take the time to attend these seminars. 

Attending these seminars is an opportunity to learn, to network with people and market your business. When you meet with like-minded people in similar sectors, it gives you better business prospects. Surrounding yourself with other experts will give you what you need to take your business to the next level. 

It is also vital to train yourself with educational knowledge, as this will prepare you to run your business efficiently. Studying a programme will equip you with expertise that you need to advance your business.    

And when you persist in being an excellent business owner, you become a force to be reckoned with. In the end, this is a rewarding decision that allows you to follow your passion and become a prosperous business owner.                               


About the Author: Khanyie Dlamini  Content Creator at Educor Holdings As a writer in the education sector I am passionate about nurturing people in their careers, wellness and personal growth. I focus on a variety of illuminating topics that are helpful to people’s growth and success. I hope to inspire people to feel motivated to live up to their full potential and know they can have an optimistic and prosperous life. My intention is to contribute to an empowered nation that makes great choices and positive change. Personally I enjoy the world of fashion and keeping up with the trends. I have great interest in digital trends and the impact of social media in today’s world. I enjoy learning from other creative people. I value having purposeful relationships with people who have great visions that align with my own.

March 08, 2018

Making a Success of the Family Business through Education

By Ashmika Chottu

Traditionally in many cultures, the family business is a family heirloom. A valued property that has been handed down from one generation to another. From conventional businesses such as farming to supermarket trading, it is not common that the inherited generation may be knowledgeable about it.

With the rise of the technological era and spike in job opportunities out there, many find themselves wanting to clear their own path and follow a career they know that may best suit their skills. No one sees the need to upskill in a field they may perceive to be an ‘old fashioned’ or ‘out-dated’ method of income, which who knows how long, may last and be profitable.

This assumption however poses a serious threat to the hard work and dedication that has been fostered into these family businesses that have been operational for several decades. These are life making and breaking decisions that people have to make in order to progress and achieve success.

More often than not, the lack of education in the specific field is what drives the inheritor of the business away from the operations. Some decide to pack-up and leave the business behind them while chasing their dreams, or some decide to invest in the business while they follow their dreams. But should the lack of education, shift one away from running their family business?

Certainly not and especially not in this day and age. There are thousands of educational providers that support the upskilling of individuals whilst they are equally invested in the day-to-day operations of their business.

Institutions such as Damelin Correspondence College (DCC), allows the student the opportunity to develop the skills required to run a business on a part-time basis.

In any family business, learning the principle skills of running a business is so important to its success. Programmes such as Bookkeeping, Marketing Management, Business Management and Financial Management, at Damelin Correspondence College, will provide the inheritor with basic skills to feel confident enough to manage a business.

Gaining the opportunity to run a family business is seen as a huge accomplishment, which some people strive to have since childhood. Never let the ‘lack-of-education’ stifle you as education is powerful and available. It only needs the person to take the right steps towards attaining it.

DCC has a strong legacy in the education market, and the know-how to nurture and enhance talent and passion in a student. The correspondence programmes are therefore best-suited for students with busy lifestyles who are able to earn an income by working while they upskill themselves to run their family business better.

If you find yourself in a similar situation and one that is eager to take on a family business but lacks the basic skills, visit www.dcc.edu.za for more information on their part-time programmes.

March 02, 2018

Studying Has No Age Limit

By Ashmika Chottu

"For me, the meaning of life is to constantly challenge and improve myself,”- a quote from an 81-year-old Chinese grandmother who recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in e-commerce.  Ms Xue Minxiu of Beijing is one of millions around the world who have been defying the odds and becoming their own ‘never-too-old-to-learn’ legend.

Learning is crucial to the human existence. From learning how to take ones first steps as a baby, reciting the alphabets as a toddler, applying addition and subtraction as a child and eventually passing matric as a teenager. The human mind is constantly expanding, looking for new information to process and make sense off.

But how do we know when is the right time to take it further? Well the answer is that there’s never a ‘right time’. As much as we as humans may plan our life according to societal beliefs that there are stages for everything, there is no ‘right’ age to start taking your knowledge to the next level.

Growing and developing are key elements that help people live a happier and healthy life. No one wants to feel unaccomplished or unskilled. Therefore, taking charge of your learning and improvement is important.

According to research conducted by BBC News, the dynamic of students are changing. Recent statistics from the Higher Education Statistics Agency have found that at least 25 students starting full-time undergraduate degrees were over the age of 70. A surprising statistic that may cause disbelief, but it is true.

Studying can help one during any course or stage in their life. Further education helps people grow in their current positions or helps them identify a passion for something completely different, even if it is twenty years of working experience later. Bookkeepers can become accountants; sales assistants can become sales managers or even a receptionist can upskill and find the right fit in any position within an organisation.

There are many institutions that support people that are willing and dedicated to upskill. One such institution is Damelin Correspondence College (DCC). DCC is a private educational organisation that provides a support system to the working class student. DCC promotes learning at any age and encourages potential students that it is never too late to study.

Take up a short course in Risk Management or Customer Care, complete a certificate in Human Resource Management or Business Administration or register for a National Diploma in any desired field. With Correspondence education, the working class student can learn while they earn and income. Ensuring that they take care of their monetary responsibilities while being true to themselves and exploring their passion for further education.

Do not let age or the stage you are in your life dictate the time to study. Grow, develop and you will succeed.

There is no better feeling than that of the fulfilment of an education, no matter the age. For more information on DCC’s programmes, visit www.dcc.edu.za

February 13, 2018

5 Inexpensive ways to have the Perfect date on Valentine’s day

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With Valentine ’s Day is here and it’s hard to ignore the subtle love excitement all around. Single or dating, this is a time where you can get into the mood of romance, watch your favourite love comedies and just celebrate love. You might think that Valentine ’s Day is too cheesy or overrated but, it definitely ignites the sparks in a relationship when you make an effort to treat your loved one and make them smile.    

Many people have their Valentines wish list set out of what they would like from their partners on this day. Others go out of their way to think of ideas that will surprise their significant others. Most lovebirds want to express their love for one another and celebrate love on days such as Valentines.

The downside to Valentine ’s Day excitement is that it falls mid-month when most people still trying to recover from the January dent. With this in mind, you can improvise and use any one of these amazing ideas below to create an unforgettable Valentine ’s Day.

1.     Alfresco Date: Valentine’s Picnic 

Although it may seem overdone or old school, but picnic dates can be a great way to spend quality time with the one you love. Picnics allow you to absorb the scenic views in the location you choose and gives you a chance to relax in the outdoors and appreciate each other.

You can take advantage of the outdoor surrounding, which adds to the ambience for a great vibe. You can be imaginative, have fun with the theme and come up with spontaneous activities for the date. Getting props such as cushions, picnic basket, cute Valentine’s décor such as balloons makes it that much more dreamy. Playing games such as blindfolding and food tasting can be great entertainment. Other exciting games you can play are card games, truth or dare or even board games.

When it comes to food, you can buy a variety of bite foods that are tasty. Alternatively, you can DIY and prepare exciting mini treats that will excite your taste buds.

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2.      Everything they love in one box! Create your own Gift box 

Although buying a ready-made gift box or hamper can be cool, you can save up money when you invent a personal gift when you customise your items. Knowing what your partner fancies, is the best way to put together their favourite foods, items and things to go into a gift. This one is guaranteed to score you some big points! This can include their favourite chocolate, wine, gift voucher, picture frame or anything that you know they would appreciate.

The first step is to look at ideas for items to include in a gift box to create the best concept. From the new ideas and knowing what your partner likes, you can write down the items you plan to get for that gift.

In line with staying within your budget, you can compare prices for items at various stores and maximise on the Valentines specials. Once you have all your items you can assemble the gifts inside the box and make sure that the box itself is beautifully wrapped. If you not sure you can do this well, get help from someone you know can do it. After that, it’s a wrap and you’re ready to impress.


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3.      Turn up the Romance with a Vday Clip 

Well, another idea that could make your significant other laugh, smile and cry at the same time is creating a video clip compiling pics and video memories you have made together. This is a thoughtful way to show your partner that you have a record of your love.

This can be photos and videos from the start of your relationship and your transitions in the journey of love. You can also use random pics that they might not have seen before, to add an element of surprise. With cool video making apps, you can create this video instantly using your smartphone. You also get to choose a romantic song play on the video clip to enhance the final output. This one will definitely spark some emotion.

Image source: Google Play

4.      Attend an Art Class 

This can be a sweet and fun session where you get to bond with your partner over colourful art. Coupled with complimentary drinks and light treats or takeouts, this can be the perfect way to relieve stress. As you step away from the world and indulge in creative fun, you can get your partner in a stimulating mood by trying something different.

You can express yourself and surprise each other with what you can come up with. In the end, you will get to take the painting that you have created together and keep it as a special memory.

The average cost for art classes for couples ranges from around R200 per person. There are amazing Valentine ’s Day art specials all around the country where you and your partner can have an incredible time.

Image source: iStock

5.      Taking a Hike as a Couple 

While hiking might not seem like the usual Valentines Day activity, getting active and having an outdoor adventure might just be what your relationship needs to bring some thrill. This can be a fun fitness challenge where you can accomplish a hike together and feel good about it.

You can plan a couple’s hike where you aim to reach a destination together and push each other along the way. This can teach you to always motivate each other throughout your relationship and to be supportive. Once you reach the peak, you can compliment each other and appreciate each other's strength. 

You can use this activity to reflect on your individual and relationship goals and to share your deepest thoughts. This can be a great way to make sure you and your loved one are on the same path. In this way, you are aware of each other’s aspirations and affirm each other, which is vital.

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The Gift of a Lifetime- Studying for your goals 

Image source: iStock

The best gift of love you can give to a loved one is a chance to better their future. When you encourage your loved one to pursue their study goals, it empowers them to prosper in their career. Equipping yourselves with knowledge will allow you to escalate your careers and give you more options to prosper.

You can actualise your goals of doing business or goals to become leaders in your industry, through education. This investment allows you and your partner to reach your financial goals and live life to the fullest.


About the Author: Khanyie Dlamini Content Creator at Educor Holdings As a writer in the education sector I am passionate about nurturing people in their careers, wellness and personal growth. I focus on a variety of illuminating topics that are helpful to people’s growth and success. I hope to inspire people to feel motivated to live up to their full potential and know they can have an optimistic and prosperous life. My intention is to contribute to an empowered nation that makes great choices and positive change. Personally I enjoy the world of fashion and keeping up with the trends. I have great interest in digital trends and the impact of social media in today’s world. I enjoy learning from other creative people. I value having purposeful relationships with people who have great visions that align with my own.

February 07, 2018

Rewrite your Future in 2018

By Ashmika Chottu

This year the tenth cohort of National Senior Certificate pupils received their matric results, displaying a 0.3% increase in pass rate from last year’s 76.2% and making it the third highest overall results from 2008.

According to Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga, 802,431 pupils registered to write the 2017 NSC examinations, however only 651,707 pupils wrote. Of this total, which includes both full-time and part-time learners, only 76.5% of pupils passed their examinations.

Many of these pupils already know the exact career path that they want to pursue, while there is a fair percentage that is still making the big life-changing decision of whether studying or working will be the better option.

This leaves the remaining 23.8% of pupils who are probably looking to remark, rewrite or redo their matric examination papers. Fortunately, for these students, there is a second option. Private educational institutions provide students with the option to achieve their National Senior Certificate through distance or face-to-face modes of study.

These include institutions such ICESA, INTEC College and Damelin Correspondence College to name a few.

With ICESA for example, the pupil can study on a full-time or part-time basis. The ICESA Matric School provides the pupil with the same physical face-to-face classroom experience, with experienced lecturers to guide the pupil through the process. Only available in Durban and Pietermaritzburg, ICESA Matric School offers pupils the complete National Senior Certificate curriculum with tuition also in Grade 10 and Grade 11 subjects.

For learners who did not pass Grade 12 and wish to rewrite or register for the first time, whilst they work, then institutions such as INTEC College and Damelin Correspondence College provide suitable options. Offering tailored high school packages, students are afforded the opportunity to work whilst studying in a suitable and conducive environment that is at the discretion of the pupil. This could be in the comfort of one’s own home or even at work. Distance learning provides the pupil with the flexibility they need.

Both INTEC College and DCC students have ongoing support from qualified academic professionals as well as quality and simplified study material to use to their advantage.

One of the highlights of pursuing matric through one of these institutions is that upon completion of one’s National Senior Certificate exams, the student is afforded the chance to continue with a post-matric qualification.

This could range from Diplomas, Certificates or Short Courses. Programmes offered by these institutions include Financial Accounting, Education Management, Business Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Fashion Design, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Technology, among others.

With this in mind, pupils who have been unsuccessful should not despair. Despite not being able to complete matric for the first or even second time, there is always another viable option.

For more information on these institutions, visit www.icesa.co.za, www.intec.edu.za or www.dcc.edu.za

February 07, 2018

The Revolution of Home Schooling

By Ashmika Chottu

According to News24, an estimated 40 000 children in Gauteng and the Western Cape did not attend their first day of school due to lack of space. Some of these children may even have to stay at home for as long as two years because of the shortage of space.

Shuddering to think that this alarming statistic is only from two of South Africa’s nine provinces, stresses the magnitude of our current education systems status on the 2018 placement setback. This however is only one of the many reasons South African parents have consciously chosen to find new and innovative modes of education to impart knowledge to their children.

One such option which has been growing in popularity is home schooling. Home schooling, a traditional North American phenomenon affords the parent or guardian complete control and the responsibility of the children’s education from the comfort of their own home.

According to Educational Consultant, Karin van Oostrum, an estimated 50,000 to 100,000 children from grade R to matric are home-schooled across the country. Home schooling, as with private institutions for example, offer personalised attention to the child, allowing the child to work on his/her own at his/her own pace. She added that home schooled children are entering university and the workplace in increasing numbers

Anel Annandale, a Cape Town child psychologist stated in a YOU article that children who are home schooled often learn to take greater responsibility for their own learning and training schedule. She also went on to say that, it gives the child flexibility and allows the child to plan on extra activities and interests, around their schoolwork.

One of the challenges with being home schooled however is the transition from being an independent learner up until secondary school, up until its times for the child to pursue a tertiary qualification. From working on their own to becoming accustomed to engaging and learning with other students, may be challenging for the student

However, options for tertiary education that may seem easier for the child to get used to, such as private high education institutions. With smaller classes and opportunities for one-on-one student-lecturer interaction, the home schooled child will not find the move very compromising to their educational ethic and structure. Private institutions, much like home schooling ensures that the child is guided through their studies with the help of the lecturer of academic advisors.

Institutions such as Damelin Correspondence College provides home-schoolers the full Grade 10 – 12 curriculum that will make studying on their own easier. Damelin Correspondence College provides the child with the necessary study material and guidance required for them to complete their qualification from the comfort of their own home. The parents and guardians are also kept well informed of their child’s progress through the means of frequent communication. This way, both the child and the parent or guardian will not feel disconnected from the educational process.

One of the key benefits of pursuing matric through Damelin Correspondence College is that upon completion of one’s National Senior Certificate exams, the student is afforded the chance to continue with a post-matric qualification. This could range from a Diplomas, Certificates or Short Courses.

The revolution of home schooling is constantly evolving, offering a number of parents the chance to take their child’s education into their own hands. It is therefore imperative that there is a clear plan mapped out for the child’s progress from secondary into tertiary. Should you require more information on the options for your home-schooled child at a private institution contact a student advisor who will provide you all the information you need to know about your child’s educational journey.

For more information on Damelin Correspondence College and its High School options, visit www.dcc.edu.za

January 11, 2018

How rewriting your Matric can set you up for a Lifetime of Success

The world is relying on the next generation of talent to rejuvenate and add greater value to various sectors.    

These are not just professionals who have already made it, but ordinary students who are entering the work world or still studying.

In the crucial years of high school education, it is vital for learners to persevere in their academic journey. It is important to retain learners in high school programmes and to meet the needs of a student’s journey. While the matric results is a celebrated occasion, where pupils who excel in their subjects are recognised and have many options available to them. It is also critical to give support to those who did not pass matric, but still want to change their circumstances and restore their careers.                           

With matric results dominating the news headlines, there is always a conversation on how learners can be assisted to pass their matric grade. Schools in rural areas are most affected by issues such as a shortage of teachers and inadequate infrastructure. This is often the cause of some pupils underperforming in their matric exams. The South African government is constantly trying to overcome these and other challenges that exist in the education space. In the same light, pupils who are not successful in Grade 12 as a result of circumstances or other reasons, need to be aware of other options on how to improve their results with a matric rewrite.    

Changing the Perception of the Matric Rewrite 

Although coming up with ways to increase the pass rate seems appropriate, there are many more solutions that need to be found. The importance of assisting those who do not make it and inspiring them to try again is one that needs more attention.

Also, the fact that there are options available post matric results, needs to be better communicated so that there are fewer incidents of youngsters who give up. When youngsters are encouraged to keep on trying until they pass, it prevents them from falling prey to depression, drug addiction or suicidal thoughts, which may arise from not knowing that there are options.  

The decision to redo matric shouldn’t be treated lightly, but in the same vein, there needs to be more positivity surrounding rewrites. By reminding matric pupils about the value of a matric certificate in their lives, it gives them optimism for their future.    

The stigma of your dreams dying if you do not pass your matric the first time needs to be changed, as the reality is that pupils who do not pass the first time around, pass after a rewrite and continue to make a success of their lives.  

Twitter weighs in on #MatricResults2017 

The matric results of 2017 have sparked conversation in social media communities such as Twitter. The topic has been trending for the past week on social media. With Twitter being a platform that is informative, more people have offered their thoughts on the #MatricResults2017.  

One of the debates that came to light is that concern of whether matric results should be published for everyone to see. Some Twitter users are questioning the notion of the results being publicised citing that this influences the pressure that students have to endure. On the other hand, there is an audience that believes that celebrating high achievers inspires students to work harder and do well for their matric year.  

The top tweets varied from some congratulating high achievers to sharing the stories of those who need financial assistance to study further. As seen in the tweet below by Sihle Mlambo, there was a pure sense of encouragement on social media, for students to pick themselves up and to take a second chance.

Twitter users also shared knowledge on how learners can redo their matric at colleges, which is a significant topic that enlightens learners on the way forward. There is also a great sense of awareness driven for students to choose colleges that are accredited by the Department of Higher Education. The knowledge that was shared predominantly in the matric conversation encouraged young people to make the smart decision to complete their high school studies.                    

Make your future count and acquire a Matric Qualification with Damelin Correspondence College 

Colleges such as DCC allow students to pursue their matric studies through distance learning. The reality is that not every student can afford to study matric for the second time and sometimes they are obligated to work and earn an income after matric. Therefore, what can a student do if they do not pass this all-important year? Do they abandon their studies altogether or is there hope for them? Through correspondence learning, the college provides them with a flexible learning solution, where they can earn and make a living while they study.                  

It is vital for students to know what their options are before they have to study or rewrite matric. DCC College offers learners an opportunity to finish their matric studies to gain more opportunities. Students can study their Grade 12 with the college or redo the grade and improve their results. Learners can download a fact sheet to learn more about the programme along with the cost of the relevant matric programme. They can also find out more by filling out their details on an online form for a consultant to get in touch with them. They will be able to provide students with more details and direction on the next step.   

How will a Matric Certificate Strengthen a Student’s Success? 

A matric qualification will empower students to get better career prospects. As industries evolve, the chase for talent and skills will only intensify. This presents matric graduates with an opportunity to pursue further education in the industries they want to get into.

With a matric qualification, learners can access these opportunities to obtain degrees and diplomas in different fields. This investment influences their future and allows them to flourish in their professional life. 

By inspiring our youth to improve their matric results, we create a nation that preserves talent and ensures that more people live up to their highest potential.


If you would like to find out more about Damelin Correspondence College and our courses on offer, visit www.dcc.edu.za. You may also browse through our latest news for more insightful reading material and resources.


About the Author: Khanyie Dlamini Content Creator at Educor Holdings As a writer in the education sector I am passionate about nurturing people in their careers, wellness and personal growth. I focus on a variety of illuminating topics that are helpful to people’s growth and success. I hope to inspire people to feel motivated to live up to their full potential and know they can have an optimistic and prosperous life. My intention is to contribute to an empowered nation that makes great choices and positive change. Personally I enjoy the world of fashion and keeping up with the trends. I have great interest in digital trends and the impact of social media in today’s world. I enjoy learning from other creative people. I value having purposeful relationships with people who have great visions that align with my own.

January 04, 2018

How HR Professionals Can Advocate Employee Engagement

An engaged and powerful workforce equals major company success.

When HR professionals understand how they can use their influence positively to grow the business, they can accomplish incredible things.

Sadly, if a company does not prioritise employee engagement they encounter endless setbacks. The cost of neglect in employee engagement is the loss of talented professionals and limited workforce growth. When companies fail to realise that the root cause of most challenges is the lack of engagement they miss the bigger picture.

The role of a Human Resources Manager or HR management team is not limited to hiring professionals and ensuring that salaries are paid. The HR division of a business has a crucial impact on the calibre of success that business experiences. This is evident when it comes to how they hire employees, retain talent in the business and influence an employee’s experience. All these factors have an impact on the activities of the business and results that are achieved

The Importance of Employee Engagement 

HR professionals need to be innovative and adopt programmes that will increase engagement. When HR professionals come up with initiatives that add value to the workforce, employee involvement is cultivated. Here are some approaches that HR experts can adapt to advance business growth.   

Present Staff with Wellness Initiatives 

Work stress and pressure can be detrimental to one’s health. Being mentally balanced and having a healthy lifestyle is essential for employee wellness. When employees feel physically well and mentally stable they are likely to be more effective in their roles. HR can come up with wellness programmes and ideas that the team will love.

By arranging events that promote a healthy lifestyle in the workspace, it has positive outcomes for the team. You can host events where employees can go for health checks and get wellness advice. The company can also provide resources and material that empower the team to be more nutrition-conscious.

By adopting relaxing exercises at the start of the day teams feel more revitalised. Exercise will help the team build up their energy and perform to their fullest capacity. When your team feels more energetic and alive it results in higher productivity.

Equip Employees with Skills 

Employee training can sharpen employee skills in the business and allow them to advance in their roles. The knowledge that they gain helps build them up with more ability. Employees can attend seminars and workshops that will help enrich their skills and equip them to produce excellent work.

As they accomplish greater success in their roles, they contribute to additional progress for the company. Leaders can also identify employees in the business who will benefit from studying an educational programme. The proficiencies that employees get when they are qualified enable them to uplift the business.  

HR Employee Engagement Activities 

Having social events allows employees to kick back and enjoy themselves with their colleagues. Creating this sense of balance allows employees to have a pleasant work life. They can look forward to work as a place where they have a great social life, make friends and associate this with a happy place. When the work environment is pleasant, it yields positivity for employees. Social events are also the perfect time to break the ice and allow interaction between employees. This is when your team will get to know others and what others do.

Social activities are vital and employees reap the benefits such as:                                                                      

  • Alleviation of stress
  • Release of endorphins and feel-good hormones in a social setting
  • Improved social interaction and enhanced communication

Team building activities make a significant difference to teams. Team building is a great way for the team to where they learn about each other’s strengths and abilities. This makes it easier for employees to approach each other for assistance and for expertise.  

Use Feedback to Sharpen the Company’s Practices 

Employee feedback is valuable and can be used to improve business practices. Whether the feedback is negative or positive, the honesty allows the business to reflect and adjust. The benefits of feedback in the workplace allow a business to make adjustments to improve the experience of employees. It can be used as a tool to monitor the effects of business principles and processes in the company.

When the HR team has scrutinised the impact of processes and practices, they can come up with ways to develop this. They can look at how best they can improve systems, upgrade methods and add value to an employee’s experience. As employees are considered in decisions and they feel valued this helps to retain the talent in the business.

Encourage Company Culture

When HR implements ways to strengthen organisational culture, it influences team spirit and engagement. This is a way that businesses can truly communicate the company’s objectives and share a common goal with employees.

By developing their culture, the business can define the type of people and skills that they wish to attract. This also helps in the hiring process when a business can predict if a candidate will be a great fit for the team and adapt to their culture.

Although the business has people with dynamic skills and diverse professional abilities, all these should work together to complement the company culture.

Applaud the Value that Employees bring 

“#Employee benefits are important tools used by employers to attract new employees & retain experienced employees.”- HR Professionals on Twitter

When the business appreciates the dynamic talent that each employee brings to the team, it makes them feel valued. HR initiatives such as employee rewards for high achievements and top wins can motivate teams to excel. 

HR can also show professionals in the business that this is an environment where they can become leaders and grow. When employees receive promotion opportunities and salary increases, it inspires them to do their best and attain the best results. Employee benefits such as bonuses and other perks can bring satisfaction to hardworking staff.

How can HR Professionals Impact Business Success? 

HR pros need to be in the know about HR industry trends and practices that bring about business expansion. They need to be inventive about approaches that they can use to benefit employees as well as the business. With the high-level HR expertise, a business can enjoy prosperous outcomes which bring business growth.

An engaged workforce fosters employee advocacy and it encourages loyalty. An engaged workforce is instrumental in attaining business success.  


A Human Resources Management programme allows students become competent professionals that are able to create efficiency in business.

DCC College has a range of HR programmes that students can be trained in to work as specialists in this field. HR professionals can stay ahead in their industry when they are built up with skills to advance an organisation.

The college creates HR experts that are able to bring out the potential of employees everywhere they go. With the capability they gain, professionals are able to innovate and implement dynamic HR systems that create a resilient workforce. The programme prepares them for the corporate world and ultimately enables them to become HR experts.  

By enrolling in an HR programme you can build the career you’ve dreamed of having and access multiple opportunities. This qualification that allows you to be highly considered for multiple jobs roles and to advance your career for a prosperous path.    

Registrations for 2018 are now open and you can find out more about Distance Learning Courses. 


About the Author: Khanyie Dlamini Content Creator at Educor Holdings As a writer in the education sector I am passionate about nurturing people in their careers, wellness and personal growth. I focus on a variety of illuminating topics that are helpful to people’s growth and success. I hope to inspire people to feel motivated to live up to their full potential and know they can have an optimistic and prosperous life. My intention is to contribute to an empowered nation that makes great choices and positive change. Personally I enjoy the world of fashion and keeping up with the trends. I have great interest in digital trends and the impact of social media in today’s world. I enjoy learning from other creative people. I value having purposeful relationships with people who have great visions that align with my own.

November 21, 2017

Outgrown your Career? Here’s how you can earn a Promotion

There comes a time in anybody’s career path where it is time to do some serious self-evaluation. Where once your career may have given you vigour and purpose, you might now be questioning the meaning of what you are doing and if it fulfils your higher purpose in your career development path. At this point, some may decide to do a complete 180 and switch careers. But often, such drastic action is not required. All you may need to do is get clear about what you want, refine your skillset and move in the direction of that promotion or career opportunity that you have been wanting. If you find yourself in this position, here are some actions and steps that will help you on your way.

How can I move up in my company?

1.Get serious about Introspection

If you are serious about getting a promotion or changing career paths, it is time to do some introspection. Get real and get honest with yourself about your strengths and areas that still need development. It would also help if you sat down with some trusted employees for a frank peer evaluation in order to determine where you need development.

2.Write down your goals

One of the easiest ways to get clear about your goals is to write them down. Thoughts become things when they are tangible and you can see them. Journaling is an easy way for to work through your thoughts and ideas about the future. Get specific by starting up a career development journal  which will help you to do some of the following:

Keep a log of good ideas
Analyse situations and find solutions to problems
Writing down positive material and notes that you can use to grow
Reflect on your successes and areas for development
Compose your own values and personal/professional manifesto

3.Be a Team Player

You may be tired of hearing the phrase, but in all honesty, it is always highlighted by managers, training manuals and other staff development materials for a reason. A real team player brings a very specific and directed energy to the table. He or she listens, is able to communicate clearly, without drama and provides solutions that are devoid of politics. Do some soul-searching, ask yourself how to be a team player then go about taking action on that path.  

4.Know that Positive Reinforcement is Everything

More than being workers, we are human beings first and foremost. If you can be a force of positivity in your environment, it is important to do so. A person’s work performance is strongly influenced by their emotional state and what is happening in their environment. Each person in an environment is responsible for the energy that they bring into that space. By your positive efforts and activities in your own life, you can learn how to bring positive energy to work. Be an enabler, a supporter, a person who uplifts, counsels and connects people. It is noticed and valued and it is a vital quality that is recognised in someone who earns a promotion.

5.Authenticity wins the Day

Perhaps you are on a particular path in terms of your career development and the next logical step would be to move in that direction. But somehow you felt motivated to apply for that opening in a department where the salary is great but in which you have no experience. The question then arises- Are you being true to yourself? It is important to learn how to be authentic in your career path in order to the build career development that is true and authentic to who you are. An authenticity-based career path always wins over decisions that are motivated by money and status.

6.Build what you Love on your own Time

This might sound counter-productive, what is the point of building something of your own when you are trying to get promoted at the company you work at? Well, provided that you are not infringing on any rules or in conflict of the industry that you already work in, there is a great value to building your own business or initiative. By building what you love on your own time, you will learn the importance of resilience, time management, and improve your communication skills, and your confidence. All of which are very necessary and vital for when being considered for a promotion.

7.Enlist the help of a Mentor

Take a look at the environment that you find yourself in. Is there at least one person that you want to learn from or aspire to be like? I thought so! Whether it is a formalised agreement or not, you will definitely benefit from absorbing the richness of the mental qualities, skills and abilities of a person that you aspire to be like.

8.Be willing to Skill up on your own Time

The ability to take stock of who you are and your need to progress is worth its weight in gold. If you would like to get ahead in your career and be promoted, a clear way to do so is to enhance your skills with studies. In all honesty, we all have time constraints but do we need to find ways to use the time that we do have. You have to be willing to free up your time to engage in Part-time study or Distance study.

9.Take Responsibility for your Life

Many people move through life willingly accepting everything that happens to them and just rolling with punches. There comes a time when you simply have to take a serious look at your life and take responsibility for changing the status quo. Get active, get moving and most importantly take decisions that will move you ahead.

10.Let your Voice be Heard

In any job or career path that you may be on, communication is of vital importance. Besides interacting with your colleagues, it helps to be plugged in and passionate about what you say, the ideas that you put across and your professional input. Yes, it is quite natural to feel insecure and self-conscious about what you say, but find the courage to say it anyway. You will be thankful that you did.

Earning a promotion is more of a personal development journey than anything else. If you find yourself wishing for one, it is clear that you have grown restless and that your existence demands that you move to the next level. On your way to achieving your goals, you will have to pay very careful attention to your own hopes and aspirations and embark on an action plan that will help you along this path. Here’s wishing you everything of the best with realising your hopes and dreams. 

About the Author
Laeeka Khan- Media professional, senior writer and blogger at Educor Holdings.

I blog about matters that relate to education and personal development. I am an out-of-the-box thinker, fascinated with perceptions of the mind’s eye, the power of imagination and creative learning. I am passionate about the human experience, and an avid believer in dialogue, breaking stereotypes, sharing information and the power of the arts. I also appreciate fine coffee and dark chocolate. Join me on this journey of knowledge and exploration.

October 31, 2017

The Significant Benefits of Early Childhood Development

Image source: Shutterstock 

In the age we live in, parents now have the option to send their children for Early Childcare Training. Childcare facilities are more accessible and is a place where children’s mental strength can be sharpened. Early child development plays an important role in instilling skill and ability that children need for their future of learning. Childcare schools provide programmes and activities that are helpful in advancing a child’s growth. 

South Africa still has a long way to go in improving the accessibility of education to young children. Due to the lack of co-operation between sponsors, private institutions and government, many areas still lack proper childcare schools. Another issue that is concerning, is affordability, or the decision that parents make not to send their children to crèche. However, this is still not reason enough to overlook the critical benefits of childcare.

According to New24 statistics on Early Childhood Development, it has been revealed that 80% of young children in South Africa do not have access to out-of-home educational care leading up to their first year in school. There is also lack of infrastructure for students to attend schools. This is due to social inequality and poverty. Another issue is that many crèches don’t have appropriate accreditation, which leads to school structures where most teachers become babysitters instead of teachers. There are crucial guidelines that assist parents on how to choose an Early childhood development centre that is reliable. 

As a result, the demand for teachers with a qualification in Early Childhood Development has become crucial in education. When more professionals in child care emerge, this will alleviate the issues that exist in the childcare industry. With qualified teachers, children will enjoy quality education and more facilities will be created. These new facilities will become available to more children so that they are empowered for their future.  

Image source: Brand South Africa

The benefits of having qualified teachers in Educare are that they have a professional mandate to improve the child’s mental capacity.

Teachers who study an Early Childhood Development course have a passion for what they do. They are interested in investing in the child’s growth and become effective in achieving this.

Early childhood development brings benefits such as enthusiasm for education, communication skills, ability to interact with others and so much more. Children are trained at a young age to be receptive to education and to have more capabilities. Children who attend crèche at a young age usually get ahead of their peers in future. They are mentally active with emotional intelligence that is at a higher level. Let us take a closer look at the significant benefits of early childhood development.

Behaviour is improved

Children who attend crèche become socialised at an earlier age and better aware of etiquette at an early age. They are taught discipline and responsibility at a tender age, which is vital for their success in future.

Children who are exposed to early childhood development are able to receive instruction and interpret requests more easily. This is a major advantage for parents as children are taught on behaviour and can apply these principles.

Social Skills are Developed

As children are exposed to other peers they learn how to interact with other children. Their ability to socialise and include others in what they do becomes better. Children who go to crèche develop group work skills and they cope better in social environments.

They have the confidence to contribute when teamwork is required. They are also able to listen to others and to communicate. They also are capable of dealing with conflicts that arise. Their empathy is improved and they are able to negotiate with their peers and build friendships.

Education and Life Skills are Enhanced

Image source: Shutterstock 

There are numerous skills that children can gain from attending crèche. Their numeracy, literacy skills and other early life skills become enriched. They learn more about the languages and their reading and writing skills become sharpened. The basics that they learn in crèche will prepare them to absorb advanced education as they grow.

As children become exposed to the digital world, it becomes critical to develop a higher concentration level at a young age. Children today are exposed to video games, TV cartoons and other fun activities on digital gadgets which affects their attention span. This can be perceived as a challenge or it can be a way for teachers to connect with learners. Teachers and crèches can incorporate engaging digitised learning in their teaching methods.

Passion for Education is Increased 

As children get used to learning from an early age they become more open to learning more. Their enthusiasm to gain skills and be educated becomes greater than before. Early childhood training enables them to be successful in their studies.

They also have a greater commitment to complete their studies and allow education to transform their minds. They are trained from a young age to become patient and to be responsible for their tasks. These values and abilities are instilled during early childhood development. 


About the Author: Khanyie Dlamini Content Creator at Educor Holdings As a writer in the education sector I am passionate about nurturing people in their careers, wellness and personal growth. I focus on a variety of illuminating topics that are helpful to people’s growth and success. I hope to inspire people to feel motivated to live up to their full potential and know they can have an optimistic and prosperous life. My intention is to contribute to an empowered nation that makes great choices and positive change. Personally I enjoy the world of fashion and keeping up with the trends. I have great interest in digital trends and the impact of social media in today’s world. I enjoy learning from other creative people. I value having purposeful relationships with people who have great visions that align with my own.

September 27, 2017

5 Quotes to reactivate your Goals and Dreams

Inspiring and motivating quote

Image source: www.nourishbylisa.com 

There are many ways in which we all see the world. Within each of us, there are secret dreams and personal development goals that keep us going.  Above all the possibility of our dreams coming true are the things that have us juiced up and feeling alive. The natural viewpoint is to look at life through a lens of positivity. However, there are definitely moments where we feel challenged and frustrated. More especially if we feel anxious about not taking the right action or even enough action to get started.

The truth of the matter is that for all of our goal setting, our dreams need a wake-up and a shakeup. At times, it is not enough to know that those dreams are there. We need to get to a point where we throw some fuel onto the proverbial embers that set our lives ablaze with the power of our dreams. If you have been seeking some kind of motivation and mental stimulation and you have been trying to reimagine your life, here are thoughts that will help you to get into that space. 

“Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality”-Ralph Marston

If only we gave as much life to our dreams and our goals as we did to our doubts, we would truly be in a different place. Take a serious inventory of what it is that you are giving your thoughts, mental energy and oxygen to. Feed your goals and starve your doubt. 


“Every day brings new choices”-Martha Beck

So you messed up yesterday and you can’t help but feel like a monumental failure today. These are moments that we all go through in life. What matters most isn’t what others think of what we do. What matters is the regard with which we hold ourselves, our ability to make choices, learn from them and bounce back with new choices each day. As you go through life, you will find ways to build resilience and face the world with renewed energy each day.


“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams”- Oprah Winfrey

Turn up the volume of your life! Live your life in full colour! Imagine living a life of limitless potential, just imagine the quality of life that you would be living!  Too often we hide behind the routine of our daily lives and forget that there are things that take our breath away. Live your dreams!


“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”- Jim Rohn

So you got yourself from A to B when you were in desperate need of doing so. Perhaps you were saving money for an all-important car or burning the midnight oil trying to score that MBA. But somehow you got complacent. The reality is, there are new goals and new horizons to explore if you could just get off the couch. If you’ve been struggling to connect the dots between where you are and where you would like to be, discipline is the bridge. Get up earlier, take some time off social media networks and fill it instead with the things that you need to get done.


“Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive” – Matt Cameron

We spend so much of our lives trained on what could go wrong, that we live in a state of perpetual worry and fear. Instead of living a life filled with reactivity, find ways to embody positivity and you will reframe your entire experience. Train your mind to become faithfully attuned to the present moment. It is the only moment that is real and it can be positive.

How do I decide what my goals are?

I hear you. I know what’s on your mind. There is a hesitancy and a sliver of doubt about exactly what your goals are. When faced with the prospect of taking action, it can seem overwhelming. If you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know how to set life goals, here are a few thought starters that will help you decide:


Ask yourself:

What am I truly passionate about?
If today was my last day on Earth, what would I want my message to be?
In what manner could I use my life and my dreams to bring about a change in the world?


Bonus tips to help you reactivate your Goals and Dreams:

Connect with new people:

Allow the prospect of the fresh and new into your life. Yes, this includes connecting with new people. You may feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you have your set friends and social circle. But does that really allow any newness and new developments into your life?


Sometimes the perspective that you need can only come from exposing your mind to different knowledge and subject matter. In order to get to your dreams, you may need to bridge the gap in your knowledge when you enrol in a course

Try something new:

While on the subject of new people, why not also use the time to try new things. The energy of something new has the power to refresh your perspective. Expose your ears to new music, go out and try a dance class or take a drive along a scenic route.

One of the biggest parts of reinvention and changing the status quo in your life comes from taking decisions and truly feeling the excitement of your dreams. If you are at the phase of your life where you are searching for meaning and direction, let these quotes and thoughts be your inspiration. 

About the Author
Laeeka Khan- Media professional, senior writer and blogger at Educor Holdings.

I blog about matters that relate to education and personal development. I am an out-of-the-box thinker, fascinated with perceptions of the mind’s eye, the power of imagination and creative learning. I am passionate about the human experience, and an avid believer in dialogue, breaking stereotypes, sharing information and the power of the arts. I also appreciate fine coffee and dark chocolate. Join me on this journey of knowledge and exploration.

August 31, 2017

Profitable Business Practises to promote your Accounting firm

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Accountants offer services that bring alignment to the financial activities of any organisation.

They ensure that the finances of the business are managed efficiently and that the business complies with tax laws. Every business needs accountants or accounting services for duties including tax filing, auditing, bookkeeping and much more.

The growth of your accounting business simply depends on the quality of your services and work ethic. It takes having excellent business administration, exceptional client service and high competence levels to have a fruitful business.  Consistency in these areas can uphold the prestige of your accounting business.

The quality of your services and work ethic encourages greater business growth and achievement. Here are some secrets to make your business prosper.

Offer Diverse Accounting Services 

Most accounting businesses offer basic services such as Bookkeeping, Tax filing & planning and Auditing. It is vital to offer more of what clients seek from accounting firms. These can include creating budgets, analysing the businesses spending, financial statements, Payroll, business registrations and more.

With each of these business duties, it is important to do it exceedingly well and gain recognition for what you offer. This entails demonstrating the best expertise in your work and ensuring client satisfaction. When your work is pleasing clients will be more likely to recommend you to fellow acquaintances.

Prioritise Client Care

Client care is a crucial aspect to the success of your business. Firstly your business must have a good administration system that will ensure the effective management of client’s needs. It is the duty of the administrative arm of your business to ensure that your company takes on work according to its capacity.It is important to consider this and not overstretch your workload and to under deliver. This will ensure that each client is given quality attention and satisfaction to their accounting requests. It will also build client loyalty, as your business will be seen as reliable when it meets expectations.

As your business grows you can hire more talent and then expand your offerings to a broader client base. However, it is important to do this when the business can handle the volumes of work and ensure excellence in delivery

Hire Experts in your Business

For your accounting business to be a success you need to have the best expertise in-house. This means hiring skilled accountants, clerks, auditors and so on. It is critical to at least have one person who has a specialty for each service that your business offers.

This will enhance the value of the accounting services you offer to clients and will help build up your business. You can also upskill your employees by sending them for training and further education. This will be an investment in your employees, their knowledge and expertise, which they will then apply in their work.  

Get compensated for your expertise 

It is critical not to under charge for what you offer in the hopes to gain more business. Getting market worth for your business will motivate employees to do their best and it means the business is compensated for their value.  

The profits your business makes contributes to business growth and strength, in order to buy more business resources and facilities. When your business makes more money through its growth you can expand your services and offerings. Clients will always be willing to pay for services that they are guaranteed to benefit from.

Have the Right Resources 

Image source: Shutterstock

Your accounting firm should have the tools and resources for maximum productivity. This means as a business owner you have to be aware of tools that are effective. You have to know the right platforms and resources your employees can use to work proficiently.

You can use accounting apps and resources that will make the business more proficient. Having access to these tools will increase productivity in your business. It will make the business function more efficiently.

Market your Business Online

Marketing your business in the digital age is vital. Having good social media and digital presence will spread the news about your accounting business. On your social media platforms, you can share useful accounting tips and advice that people need. Sharing content in the digital space is proven to draw more people. You can also share some of your work and testimonials with clients.

When people want to find out more on your website they learn about what your business has to offer. Your website should have SEO (visibility on search engines) and ROI (profitability ratio) features as well as other productivity tools. This will increase the awareness people have of your business in the industry.

Become an Expert in your Industry 

To have a successful accounting firm you first must invest in your knowledge of the business. You can study a business programme that will prepare you as a business owner. A Financial Accounting qualification that will elevate your level of expertise.

Education will create the progressive accounting business practice that you desire. When you study it is the doorway to your dream of owning an accounting firm. You will then implement these tips to ensure the prosperity of your business. This will earn your business a reputation as an industry leader. 


About the Author: Khanyie Dlamini Content Creator at Educor Holdings As a writer in the education sector I am passionate about nurturing people in their careers, wellness and personal growth. I focus on a variety of illuminating topics that are helpful to people’s growth and success. I hope to inspire people to feel motivated to live up to their full potential and know they can have an optimistic and prosperous life. My intention is to contribute to an empowered nation that makes great choices and positive change. Personally I enjoy the world of fashion and keeping up with the trends. I have great interest in digital trends and the impact of social media in today’s world. I enjoy learning from other creative people. I value having purposeful relationships with people who have great visions that align with my own.

August 31, 2017

Shortening the Distance with Damelin Correspondence College

By Ashmika Chottu

With the emergence of new technologies developing exponentially in the education sector and the growing-need to earn an income after graduating from high school, students have been driven towards distance education. With that said, there are still a number of misconceptions surrounding distance learning, some of which include; poor quality education and the student being ‘alone’ in the study process.

Despite not attending classes and being able to learn and communicate face-to-face with one’s tutor, many colleges offer an alternate support system that offers quality education to its students. Once such institution being, Damelin Correspondence College.

Damelin Correspondence College, a distance brand under the Educor Holdings banner, a leading private education provider, allows students to receive one-on-one assistance through its Academic Advising Centre (ACC).

The Academic Advising Centre, an American education concept and a first for South Africa, gives students the attention they require and would receive in a traditional classroom. Launched last year, the Centre provides thousands of students with the support they need to excel in their chosen field.  

Damelin Correspondence College Brand Manager, Tamaryn Van Wyk said that the opening of the AAC has given DCC students the hope they needed in order to succeed in their work and study space.

She said, “Often students who are studying via distance have an 8 to 5 job, earning an income to finance their education and carry household responsibilities. It is difficult for a student with this type of lifestyle to attend classes for additional preparation. This is where the ACC comes in. Each student that registers with Damelin Correspondence College has a dedicated Academic Adviser to ‘hold their hand’ through their educational journey. Advisers are just one call away readily available to answer the student’s questions. The student is never alone.”

According to Tamaryn, the AAC advisers are trained across DCC’s various faculties, including Business, Computer, Technical, Vocational, General and High School and they understand the DCC student well enough to ensure they receive the assistance required to pass their subjects.

Damelin Correspondence College Academic Adviser, Pratisha Praemchand said that they always go above and beyond, helping students recognise their academic potential. “In addition to the academic assistance we try to promote overall healthy student practices by encouraging students to live a healthy lifestyle. We advise them of the benefits of eating healthy, getting enough sleep and time management, among others.

Pratisha shared some feedback from a student Lerato Manyama, who she recently assisted: Lerato said, “Please allow me to express my gratitude and how glad and thankful I am that you assisted me with my finance course. I can proudly say I got the highest mark out of all my exams. I am glad that you are around to assist me with all the difficulties I experienced, as I did not have any exposure to Accounting subjects. You have done an exceptional job. Thank you. With people like you on our side we will always pass.”

Damelin Correspondence College is provisionally registered as a private college with the Department of Higher Education and Training under the Continuing Education and Training Act, No. 16 of 2006. With this, they offer a range of accredited qualifications for students who are then able to learn at home, according to a convenient schedule, without having to incur the cost and inconvenience of travelling to classes at fixed times.

There are other credible options out there for students with a solid support system to ensure that they never feel alone. Damelin Correspondence being one such college shortens the distance and allows for proper guidance, communication and credible qualifications. Do not be discouraged and seek an accredited distance college today. 

For more information on DCC and its qualifications visit www.dcc.edu.za

Issued by the Group Communications Department:

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Group Head of Communications: Jessie Naidoo or

Senior Public Relations Coordinator: Ashmika Chottu

Tel: (031) 713 3800

Email: Jessie.naidoo@educor.co.za or ashmika.chottu@educor.co.za

August 08, 2017

The Benefit of Women as Leaders in a Business Environment


Whichever way you look at it, women are an influential and inspiring force to be reckoned with. Gone are the days where the idea of leadership being a power-suited man in a boardroom is the ideal to aspire to, there is a far broader view than that. One of the spaces that women are commanding respect and influencing in, is business and entrepreneurship. Women in leadership roles are an important and integral part of the development of society and business.

What Women bring to the Business Space? 

In the working environment, there is a greater thought and movement towards soft skills and this is something that people are now taking note of. Women traditionally bring a nurturing energy into the working environment. Especially when it comes to communicating messages, conflict resolution and mentoring new professionals. 

Intuitive Abilities and the Power of Anticipation 

Women have been known to bring their intuitive abilities to the workplace. They do this in a way that allows them the chance to read people’s behaviour, and understand verbal cues and energies and anticipate decisions and big news. Whether you would like to admit it or not, you are a human being even if you’re in a working environment. With this in mind, it helps to know that you can apply intuitive qualities and emotional intelligence to difficult situations, especially as a woman.

Women have unique problem-solving skills 

The manner in which women unpack problem-solving is vastly different and unique. Women bring great powers of observation to the table. From a scientific point of view, it is observed that women are more collaborative in their approach and think laterally.

Women possess greater awareness for work-life balance 

One of the greatest ironies of life when it comes to business is that human needs often fall behind business needs. However, in the midst of a cutthroat business world, you will find a few signs of life emerge. Women often introduce softer touches into environments. Paintings, plants, Zen gardens and photographs are all subtle reminders of the need to generate a greater sense of work-life balance.

Women use Empathy in their Business Dealings 

When it comes to work environments and business dealings many women are able to interact from a place of empathy and emotion. In the working environment, the types of empathy displayed are effective listening, mediation, reading and successfully recruiting personality types that fit certain job descriptions. Women are quite adept at displaying these kinds of qualities. Contrary what is popularly imagined, workers are not always driven by fear but also a listening ear, a feeling of connection and a sense of being heard.

Women are more open to Introspection 

Normally when things go pear-shaped in the business world, people are very quick to begin mud-slinging and playing the blame-game. In a world where business is defined as a testosterone-fuelled boardroom battleground, women find ways to be emotionally aware and introspective. They are able to take a step back, reflect on their missteps, recalculate and go back to the drawing board with new insights and knowledge. In that vein, women are also open to receiving Management training to assist them with greater insights for the workplace.

The Importance of Gender Diversity in the Workplace 

In these modern days that we live in it isn’t a surprise that we find women in the workplace. However, some industries have greater gender imbalances than others. Having gender diversity in the workplace is important for the following reasons.

  • It promotes a sense of normalcy and it represents a microcosm of society
  • Provides diversity in professional opinions and a different frame of reference
  • Promotes dialogue and communication
  • Widens the scope of skilled individuals and talent available in an organisation

For many reasons, women are at the helm of business environments, leading teams and supporting people through their professional journeys. The qualities that they bring as leaders into working environments cannot be ignored but rather built upon and improved as a lasting legacy that will take people forward.

About the Author
Laeeka Khan- Media professional, senior writer and blogger at Educor Holdings.

I blog about matters that relate to education and personal development. I am an out-of-the-box thinker, fascinated with perceptions of the mind’s eye, the power of imagination and creative learning. I am passionate about the human experience, and an avid believer in dialogue, breaking stereotypes, sharing information and the power of the arts. I also appreciate fine coffee and dark chocolate. Join me on this journey of knowledge and exploration.

July 26, 2017

Top Reasons to consider a Career in Tourism

Image source: Unsplash 

‘Better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times.’- Travel quote 

If you enjoy having a demanding on-the-go career where you have to always have a suitcase and passport ready, tourism could be the perfect career path for you.  If you have always dreamed of waking up to different views in exotic locations, then you would love the tourism industry. From trying out new foods and experimenting other people’s cultures to educating others about significant tourist attractions you have far-reaching prospects in tourism.  

The tourism sector is for people who enjoy sharing their passion for places and things with people who have the same interests. The economic statistics of the tourism industry in SA reveal that it significantly boosts the economy and creates a large number of job opportunities.

The travel industry is a highly competitive industry that is innovative and always adapting new trends that are exciting. Your earning potential is vast and in most tourism field and you can write your own cheque which is rewarding.

The prospects for the tourism industry are infinite and ever-growing. From outdoor adventures to art, technology and being part of prestigious events the opportunities in this sector are endless.


You can travel the world 

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”
— Saint Augustine

When you are in the tourism sector you can travel to beautiful places and enjoy new adventures. It’s an opportunity to explore different countries, cultures and meet fascinating people. You get to learn the diverse lifestyles of other nations which are an intriguing experience many people would love to have.

Insider access to international hotspots 

As you get immersed into the tourism industry, you become part of significant events and experience first-class festivities. This is a career that allows you to access to those kind of prestigious tourism events you would only dream of being at.

This means you have the pleasure of attending great events and delighting in the entertainment. The perks of the tourism field include insider free access to events, getting discounts, free gifts and tickets to name a few.

Gain transferrable skills 

The travel industry allows you to develop convenient skills that edify your personal growth. You have the pleasure to interact with people and enhance their travel experiences by being available to them. You increase your passion of bettering the knowledge and understanding of guests or visitors. You easily begin engaging with people and sharing valuable information to enlighten them.

Another skill you learn is preparing to deal with a crisis that visitors might face and controlling the outcomes to be positive. You also get to learn new things through the people you meet and what they share with you.

New experiences and leisure 

Image source: Unsplash

The travel industry is a satisfying and fulfilling sector that allows you to live life to the fullest and enjoy exhilarating experiences. [Text Box: Image source: Unsplash Image Alt Text: Pots and cooking activity outdoors] You get to learn interesting facts and revelations on popular tourist attractions so that you may impart this to others. You have thrilling experiences such as of trying out cultural foods, learning the traditions people follow and where it comes from, which is quite interesting

This is a career that allows financial freedom, travel freedom and countless benefits that come with being in the sector.

Popular Tourism Jobs 

An amazing travel career that is prominent is that of a travel blogger. As a travel blogger you get to share incredible travel experiences on your blogs or Instagram page and have people in awe of your amazing surroundings. You get to learn about the unique features of different regions around the world. Watching the experiences of other travel bloggers can enlighten your more on the freedom and happiness tourism brings to those in the field.

As a tour guide your job would entail educating people on historic places and monuments. This requires you to know the facts and be able to answer questions visitors might have.

A travel agent career entails selling accommodation, transportation and making travel arrangements for clients. Nowadays more people consult the services of travel agents to arrange their trips.

Other prominent career paths could come from the aviation industry, which involves a lot of travel and meeting new people. Here you can work as a flight attendant, reservations or tickets attendant.

The cruise ship sector also offer jobs such as cruise line traveller, reception manager, food service manager to name a few. You can also go into the food and beverage sector and become a chef, cook or restaurant manager.

A career in any of the fields in tourism can offer a lot of skills and earning potential as you set your own sales goals and generate a lot of money. This career path is for hardworking and enthusiastic people with sales skills.

You have diverse career path opportunities 

The wonderful thing about the tourism industry is that the jobs are versatile and spontaneous, it’s not an ordinary and mundane job function.

These are the jobs and sectors you can get into after obtaining a qualification in Tourism:

  • Travel agent
  • Tour guide
  • Visitors centre
  • Transport, cruising, events and tourism services
  • Holiday Manager
  • Outdoor activities manager
  • Travel blogger or writer
  • Tourism and hospitality manager
  • Tourism entrepreneur

What course can you study? 

Being passionate about the tourism industry is vital in order to fuel your success and determine your longevity in the sector.

When you study a tourism qualification, it helps you climb the ladder in this sector and opens you up to a variety of possibilities. You also get to enjoy the incentives offered by employees or clients as you are appreciated for your input and enthusiasm towards your job. 


About the Author: Khanyie Dlamini Content Creator at Educor Holdings As a writer in the education sector I am passionate about nurturing people in their careers, wellness and personal growth. I focus on a variety of illuminating topics that are helpful to people’s growth and success. I hope to inspire people to feel motivated to live up to their full potential and know they can have an optimistic and prosperous life. My intention is to contribute to an empowered nation that makes great choices and positive change. Personally I enjoy the world of fashion and keeping up with the trends. I have great interest in digital trends and the impact of social media in today’s world. I enjoy learning from other creative people. I value having purposeful relationships with people who have great visions that align with my own.

July 17, 2017

How Education has the Power to impact your Future Success

Image source: Unsplash

‘It always seems impossible until it's done.’- Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela has been a thought leader in education that has inspired millions around the world to value education. Nelson Mandela’s famous inspirational sayings and quotes on education and success are a huge part of his legacy. He has been applauded for inspiring change in society and encouraging people to empower themselves through education.

Nelson Mandela challenged the norms and the boundaries that limit people from living up to their potential. His motivation and quotes from speeches are used widely to inspire positive thinking and a desire to succeed in people. Nelson Mandela played a significant role in shaping the minds of young people and transforming how society views success. Getting a qualification is one of the best self-development tools you can instil to change your life. It’s never too late to empower yourself through education and use it to advance your success.

Education gives you an opportunity to build a foundation in which you can accomplish greatness. When you are educated you become confident enough in your skills and offerings and you can build up your career through that confidence. In this economy, unemployment is high and knowledgeable and skilled candidates are still the first preference. The knowledge gained through education and experience is valuable in the work and business sector.

Selecting a qualification that will position you for success

It is vital to choose a certified programme that will position you in the industry you want to get into. This means knowing which skills to sharpen and knowledge to expand on so that you are well equipped to succeed in that field. This also requires you to understand the value of your experience and expertise. It is important to have career guidance and get tips on how to choose a qualification so that you acquire an attainment that is valuable to the industry you are going into or that will take your career to the next level in that field. Let’s explore the benefits of the educational achievements you acquire.

It grows you mentally 

‘There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.’- Nelson Mandela

Being educated equips you with knowledge and it opens your mind to new ways of thinking. School is where you sharpen the skills that you have and learn more skills so you are ready to offer the world better. You become a problem solver full of solutions because your thinking is sharpened. Education enlightens you and inspires you to desire more through the knowledge you obtain. Your mind is broadened in its thinking and imaginative capacity.

Your creativity is sharpened when you expose yourself to know more and realise the needs of business. You start becoming a critical thinker with positive solutions for the economy and other sectors. You are challenged to think smartly and broaden your perspective. Your ideas and thoughts are used in the workplace to create growth. When you develop your mind, you prepare yourself to start new experiences and position your mind for success.

It elevates your career

'A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dreamt of.'- Nelson Mandela 

Education will place you in a powerful position to determine the success of your career. You can travel any career path when you are empowered through learning. You may take the entrepreneurial route or you can seek employment opportunities. Education gives your career the legitimacy it needs to become a success. The beauty of education is that you can always continue your studies and accomplish other goals. The more qualified you are in the work field the more eligible you become for promotions and career advancement.

Education can also help you get into a new field when you need to navigate a career switch . The expertise that you specialised in college becomes valuable to a business in that field. The skills you acquire allow you to showcase your work and knowledge to potential employers and investors and this creates a sustainable income for you. The quality of your current job can be improved through additional studying and qualifications.

You can brand yourself for success

‘For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.’- Nelson Mandela

When you are highly-skilled, educated and have the right qualifications under your belt you have the confidence to treat yourself as a brand. It is important to have a branding concept for your profiles and portfolios that will give your target the overall impression you desire. Branding yourself is about setting up professional portfolios of your work to demonstrate your power and ability to potential employers and investors.

Why choose to study?  

Image source: Pixabay

‘I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.’ This Mandela month you can choose education to turn your future into the success you desire. Success requires bold decisions and commitment to achieving what you set out to do. This means eliminating fear and excuses that are in the way of your ability to create the best future. When you register to do a course in any field, you have to consider doing the course with a well-recognised and accredited college that will ignite your career.

The legendary late Nelson Mandela emphasised the power education gives any individual who dares to empower themselves. Education is a priceless investment that can better the lives and backgrounds of the people that pursue it.

Study a Business Management Course at DCC

Get empowered with one of our top rated and in-demand courses, you can study a Business Manager Course- Diploma Management NQFL6 SAQA ID 201070 when you enrol at DCC College. Average salary per year: R379 565*


About the Author
Content Creator at Educor Holdings

As a writer in the education sector I am passionate about nurturing people in their careers, wellness and personal growth. I focus on a variety of illuminating topics that are helpful to people’s growth and success. I hope to inspire people to feel motivated to live up to their full potential and know they can have an optimistic and prosperous life. My intention is to contribute to an empowered nation that makes great choices and positive change.

Personally I enjoy the world of fashion and keeping up with the trends. I have great interest in digital trends and the impact of social media in today’s world. I enjoy learning from other creative people. I value having purposeful relationships with people who have great visions that align with my own.

July 14, 2017

Four dominant Trends in Events Planning

Image source: 123rf.com

Amazing event planning takes a lot of organisation, creativity, knowledge and skill.

Successful event planning is dependent on your commitment to deliver to client’s briefs. Your unique ability to amaze people at events is what grows you as an event planner. A reputation as a great events planner will ensure the growth of your business as you prioritise the happiness of those utilising your service. As you exceed your client’s expectations you make an impact and you build your name in the events planning market. Through events planning preparation, you can heighten the experience of your client. Being knowledgeable on the events planning trends will maximise your opportunities and help you secure more event planning work.

What makes your events planning business unique?

Image source: Shutterstock

For distinct events people always seek those who specialises in that field to get the best service. With so many events organisers available, this is where your service has to offer something special to stand out. This means knowing what customers want in order to make their event special, as well as understanding what will create customer loyalty. The event you create should be a jaw-dropping occasion that you can be proud of. This will give you an opportunity to use this as part of your marketing which builds your brand. Being savvy with tech tools and trends will enrich the level of your event and will set you apart from other event planners.

The primary attributes of a good event’s organiser are good organisation, flexibility, multi-tasking, creativity, budgeting and customer skills. Knowledge on the best décor ideas for events will likewise advance your business as an events planner. When you study a course in Events Planning, it will open up doors in fields such as the hospitality industry, planning events for private and government companies, hosting conferences and exhibitions. Here are the trends that your events planning business can use to soar in growth.

Event planning multifunction tools

As we live in the digital age, there are countless technological tools to enhance your efficiency in planning an event. This includes events planning tools such as templates, apps, budgeting tools and so much more. From event seating arrangement tools to project management tools, you can make your life a whole lot easier. 

Creating unique experiences to drive Customer Loyalty

When you are good at what you do, people will seek your service and remember your brand. Each event is an opportunity to show case your brands versatility and get people talking about what you do. You can personalise certain aspect of the event by perhaps offering your client a free gift bag to guests that have been branded by your company.

Small details such as this go a long way in gaining customer trust in this market. Creativity is also guaranteed to draw the necessary attention your event’s planning business needs to soar. Another trend is using technical data of your audience, which can help you gauge more on what experience your clients are looking for. This will increase your ideas to attract customers to your events planning services.

Branding your Events Planning Company through Social Media

Growing your brand requires you to have an effective branding strategy for Events planning. Using social media to showcase your work is a good start in drawing other potential clients and get your brand name out there. The quality of your work will be reflected in what you share and draw audiences to remember what your brand does. This will add a wow element that will make audiences know you’re no ordinary events planner and that your offer something extraordinary. The reach of social media and connections will make your events planning business become a top preference.

Personalisation in Events planning

Image source: Shutterstock

Personalisation will require you to be thoughtful and intentional for each event that you organise. This means maximising the experience of your attendees by all means. You have to be thoughtful of the programme, the breaks in-between and resources your guests will need and you can use the gap for creativity. This will mean you include pre-planned items such as umbrellas for outdoor events, personalised décor pieces, guides, directions and so much more. These personalised details make your client and event attendees experience more joy at the event. This will create a long-lasting impression for your event. The emotional intelligence that you put into an event will ensure that your client is satisfied.

About the Author: Khanyie Dlamini
Content Creator at Educor Holdings

As a writer in the education sector I am passionate about nurturing people in their careers, wellness and personal growth. I focus on a variety of illuminating topics that are helpful to people’s growth and success. I hope to inspire people to feel motivated to live up to their full potential and know they can have an optimistic and prosperous life. My intention is to contribute to an empowered nation that makes great choices and positive change.

Personally I enjoy the world of fashion and keeping up with the trends. I have great interest in digital trends and the impact of social media in today’s world. I enjoy learning from other creative people. I value having purposeful relationships with people who have great visions that align with my own.

July 06, 2017

10 Ways to Develop as a Leader

By Laeeka Khan 

Image source: www.ebay.com 

We all have a secret passion burning within us. It is an indefatigable flame that refuses to die. If we are honest with ourselves in the middle of the night, we know exactly what it will take for us to achieve our goals. It usually means having the courage, the guts and the determination to get on our feet, rise up and become a leader. The question is, do we actually rise to the occasion or slam ourselves right back into the boxes that we think we belong in?

The truth of the matter is, that we imagine the path to be a straight and linear ascent to greatness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many struggle stories of successful entrepreneurs have chronicled the path to leadership as one filled with challenges. 

The difference?

 The willingness to go the distance.

 Self-awareness

 The ability to fall and fail spectacularly, but to also get back up the next morning and trying again!

There is something about taking the leap that many people underestimate. Though many of us have the dormant dragon of leadership breathing fire close to our veins, few have the courage to explore the benefits of getting out of the comfort zone. If you’re out there, sitting down, reading this and you need a catalyst to ignite your soul, here are 10 Ways to Develop as a Leader.

1. Embrace passion in your daily life 

What is it that you feel passionate about? What makes the hairs on your neck stand up? What fills your eyes with tears of joy? These are things that you need to pay attention to. As a leader it matters that you live a life of authenticity. Your personal passion and joy will be the source from which your leadership abilities emanate.

2. Build resilience and determination 

Good leadership qualities come from people who understand that building themselves up is a daily practice. Take a moment to think about what determination looks like to you. What does it mean to you, to build resilience? Some people actively learn how to build determination and resilience. Others take some time to introspect and find out what gives them fire. Take a moment to find out how you can do it too.

3. Learn how to follow 

In order to develop leadership skills you will also learn how to follow. While this may sound like a contradictory practice, following teaches you a few important character building elements. Like humility, empathy, compassion and other feelings. You also gain a healthy sense of self-awareness and emotional intelligence from taking a step back and being led.

4. Be prepared to ditch comfort 

One of the greatest things you can do on the path toward becoming a leader is to ditch comfort. It is easy to go about your life dodging hurt and avoiding disappointment. If we are looking at life through that lens, we may as well be living in a cocoon. A real leader rises to the occasion, finds his or her voice and isn’t afraid to step out of his/her comfort zone to challenge the status quo.

5. You CAN be vulnerable 

It is easy to go about your professional journey giving off the impression of being as hard as nails. But in all honesty life is about sharing the joy of connection. A leader embraces vulnerability and the fact that they are human at every turn. It doesn’t mean that you have to pour your heart and soul out to every person in the workplace. You just need to drop all pretences and be less ‘know-it-all’ in your approach.

6. Use your words sparingly 

There is a certain power in being quieter and more circumspect with your words. When you emanate peace as a leader, you draw people into your energy and aura. What you say also has a greater impact if you say it more sparingly. Choose what you give your energy to in terms of the things that you speak into being and what is happening in the world around you.

7. Embrace making tough decisions 

As much there may be the sense that people rebel against leadership, there is always a secret longing for someone to step up and take the lead. People need those who can think on their feet, act and give direction. A good leader is not afraid to take the reins and make tough decisions that nobody wants to touch with a barge pole.

8. Listen and learn 

It is easy to listen to the words that people say. But, part of effective listening is also about understanding how to read non-verbal cues such as body language, facial expressions and the eyes of the people that you are talking to. In a position of leadership you will have to get an intuitive sense of who people are and what they are about. People management is less about logistics and information management and more about understanding human beings. Listen to understand. While you are on the point of listening, know that a true leader isn’t afraid to learn. As a leader on the rise, don’t be afraid to read or even study a leadership course if you have to.

9. Be a person of influence 

What you do is much more important than what you say. People are looking at you all the time for clues on what you do and how to treat you. One of the easiest ways to be a person of influence is to be your authentic self. Cast off your fears, walk your talk and most importantly have the courage to serve the people in your environment through your natural skills and abilities.

10. Ask for help if you need it 

Being a self-assured leader is one thing. Being a smart-ass know-it-all is quite another. A true leader understands the power of vulnerability and approachability in their interactions with others. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you are human and if that means asking for help, so be it.

Simon Sinek on Building Trust through Committed Leadership 

Being a leader is no easy feat. More than just a title, it is a way of being. It is a journey and an undertaking and one that you take with every fibre of your being. The path towards leadership demands that you reinvent yourself continually and find ways in which to develop as one. Here’s hoping that I’ve helped you find your way as a leader.

About the Author
Media professional, senior writer and blogger at Educor Holdings.

I blog about matters that relate to education and personal development. I am an out-of-the-box thinker, fascinated with perceptions of the mind’s eye, the power of imagination and creative learning. I am passionate about the human experience, and an avid believer in dialogue, breaking stereotypes, sharing information and the power of the arts. I also appreciate fine coffee and dark chocolate. Join me on this journey of knowledge and exploration.

June 15, 2017

How Upskilling can help you in your Career

Inspiring image about empowerment

You’ve probably heard these words many times before. If you upskill, you are likely to find a better job or find new opportunities. It might be easy to look at your current job and think ‘why move?’ The salary might be reasonable, the cafeteria might serve your favourite lasagne at lunch time and you enjoy meeting your office bestie for a catch-up in the lunch hour. But when you take the time for some introspection- is that truly enough? Think about it!

If you are honest with yourself you will admit that you would like to have:

  •  Professional respect, integrity, influence
  •  A good, career-enhancing promotion
  •  To be an entrepreneur one day

But, in order to get to your goals you have to make a commitment in order to change. If you are serious about change and you really want to take hold of every bit of greatness that you know you are destined for, why not take charge of your professional journey today? If you are wondering how to get started, one of the easiest ways to begin is to upskill in your career.

What is Upskilling? 

Simply put, upskilling relates to acquiring practical skills and knowledge that will make you more marketable in your career. Sometimes a business requires that you evolve your skillset in a particular direction and will send you on a course to help you do so. On the other hand you might hold a vision for yourself in terms of skills and career direction that you would like to develop in.

How to upskill yourself? 

How you go about upskilling yourself depends entirely on the needs of the company that you work at and your personal needs. It also depends on the vision that you hold for the space in which you would like to grow in. If you feel uncertain, it helps to get a little career guidance and perspective from a peer or a manager. Getting this perspective will assist immensely in knowing which area needs development.

Upskilling can take the form of:

  •  Practical training
  •  Mentorship
  •  Studying an online course
  •  Attending workshops in which a skills transfer will take place

Benefits of upskilling employees 

Whether you are looking at it from your own professional point of view or you are a boss deciding to engage in staff training, there are many benefits of upskilling professionals.

It enables you to do your job more effectively 

It goes without saying that companies are innovating and evolving at all times. It is therefore a given that you will have to reinvent yourself to keep current. If you choose to study online or enrol in a part-time course it will assist you in doing your job more effectively. But it will also open up your mind to new career options that you probably would not have considered before.

Upskilling increases your salary bargaining power 

Along with, passion, dedication and drive for what you do, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a little healthy financial ambition. If you have the skills and the experience that will add value to an organisation, upskilling immediately places you in a powerful bargaining position.

Grows your sense of self-confidence 

With greater skills and abilities comes a renewed sense of self-confidence. Imagine walking into your work environment feeling empowered and able to do things? Upskilling is just one of the ways in which we can learn how to build self-confidence and be our best professional selves. When you have the skills to back your job title and the qualifications and opportunities to match you can’t help but grow your self-esteem. Even if you are not entirely sure of your end-goal, sometimes upskilling also leads you to find a career path that is suitable for you.

Gets you that promotion that you desire 

Your career development hinges on your ability to get to enhance your position in the job market. With the skills and abilities that you grow, you will be able to gain the leverage that you need to succeed in business. If you felt that you were never able to take the leap between a foundation level worker and management level, studying part-time or upskilling helps to make it possible.

It sparks entrepreneurship 

With a greater range of skills and abilities, you will without a doubt begin to have a wider range of knowledge. With the experience and insight that you gain, you will become a sought-after person for your perspective and abilities and that my friend, paves the path toward entrepreneurship. Upskilling helps you to innovate, lead and take charge.

The Job Divide 

The greatest job divide that exists in the working world is that of the skills gap. In all honesty one of the main reasons that people do not flourish is that they languish in comfort zones without any thought or plan for progress. One of the biggest frustrations that managers experience is that they have a vision for their employees, but they are unable to equip them for success.

Solutions to bridging the Job Divide 

There are a few practical ways in which companies and employers bring about solutions for those employees who wish to bridge the job divide.

Staff Development 

Upskilling in the workplace is the essential elixir for success. When people feel comfortable enough to come out and be themselves, miraculous things begin to happen. People begin to look at each other with a newfound respect and dignity. Confidence begins to grow and the process of sharing new ideas and innovating becomes second nature. Whether you are a corporate leader or an individual who is seeking their own personal progress, personal development is something that cannot be ignored.

How to upskill team members  

One solution is to get your staff to enrol in correspondence study courses. Another would be to look into getting people with certain niche skills and abilities to give talks from within your business environment. You can also begin mentorship programmes in your workplace which allow for people who are more developed in certain areas to develop other members of your team. Part-time study is also a solution for those who are strapped for time in their daily routine.

Wherever you are in your professional journey, one thing is certain. There are ways in which you can take yourself from where you are to where you want to be. Upskilling can take many different shapes and forms and each of them is accessible if you take the time to research and above all introspect. Where do you want to be in life?

Think about it!

About the Author
Media professional, senior writer and blogger at Educor Holdings.

I blog about matters that relate to education and personal development. I am an out-of-the-box thinker, fascinated with perceptions of the mind’s eye, the power of imagination and creative learning. I am passionate about the human experience, and an avid believer in dialogue, breaking stereotypes, sharing information and the power of the arts. I also appreciate fine coffee and dark chocolate. Join me on this journey of knowledge and exploration.

March 17, 2017

10 Life Skills Essential to Success in Business

By Laeeka Khan

Life Skills Essential to Success in Business

Image source: http://www.kbrs.ca

Many of us want to open up our own businesses but usually that’s where it ends. We wake up in the morning and go to our jobs, acutely aware that we have dreams that are aching to be fulfilled. Yet as the sun sets in the afternoon, we realise that once again we’ve placed our dreams on the back-burner.

It is my firm belief that each of us has an inner entrepreneur that is bursting to come to life. Whether it’s a home-baked goods business, a consultancy service or your own events company - whatever the dream may be, it does exist… Perhaps we just need the life skills to help us to get to the next level?

Before we get to that place we need to embark on our own journey. On a personal and work/career level we need experiences that mould and develop us and take us to the next level. We need to develop skills that are essential to success in business.

Here are 10 Life Skills Essential to Success in Business

1. Listening Skills

More often than not our problems stem from “listening to respond” instead of “listening to absorb” information. In a business or working environment, the quieter we become, the more we are able to hear and perceive, and not just at the water cooler either. Successful business training in healthy work environments advocates listening to each other.

2. The Ability to Laugh at Yourself

There is an old quote that reads, "Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive." Yes there are formalities and best practices in workplaces, but in all honesty our greatest strength in the business world lies in our ability to see the lighter side of life. Greater wins for being able to relate to others and approachability.

3. Focus and Concentration

The business world, particularly for an entrepreneur, requires great volumes of concentration. Focus and concentration are required for consuming information, communication and both verbal and non-verbal interaction. The irony of life is that you do not necessarily improve your concentration and focus through practice. When your mind is overtaxed, take a break and remember to breathe.

4. Finding Ways to Build Positivity

Do not think of your life in terms of the nine to five schedule. No matter what you do, find time to go visit that art gallery, go to movies, and have those breath-taking moments. Your success in business is directly relative to your ability to create your own sunshine.

5. Networking Skills

Networking isn’t merely the art of handing out a business card. It shows that you have the ability to care, to seem interested and engaged and to connect with people. Skills transfer and acquisition is another important element of business networking. It is in this way that we get to know more and gain useful leads that will take us further in business.

6. Find Success in Business with the Right Attitude

Choose an attitude of self-encouragement. At any moment, you can be your own worst critic or your greatest champion. The truth is that the world of business is littered with challenges. It is up to you to find purpose in what you do and to adopt the mind-set in which to do it.

7. Be Bold, Be Fearless

Most of the world’s greatest innovators had to step outside the box and risk being called crazy before they tasted success. Walt Disney was once told that he ‘lacked imagination’ and had ‘no good ideas’. JK Rowling faced repeated rejection before her famed book, “Harry Potter”, became a success. Have the courage to work on your ideas, speak to the people who matter and step forward when the opportunity presents itself.

8. Lead with Authenticity

There is only one of you residing behind that pair of eyes. Only one frame of reference that is uniquely yours. Your thoughts, your feelings, your skills and your ideals. Have the courage to give the world value by being your authentic self.

9. Reimagine Failure

You will fall. You will fail. You will get egg on your face in the most horrible way. This is not the talk of a doom merchant. No. This is an inevitable part of life. It is how you face failure and hard times that count. Your ability to see the lessons in failure will help you to use it as a force for change.

10. What do you want?

The question of ‘why’ is perhaps the most important of them all.

Why do you get up in the morning?

What are your goals?

Do you believe in what you are doing?

What you know in your heart to be true will not lead you astray.

Choose to participate in the business world. Whether it be from a workplace or entrepreneurial perspective, you will realise that success will come to you based on the habits and life skills that you put into practice long before the time. Reach your goals from a place that not just causes change but inspires a personal revolution.

January 24, 2017

Jet Club and Educor give away R150 000 worth of bursaries


Jet Club in partnership with Educor launched a campaign to award 15 bursaries to the value of R10 000 each. The campaign ran between September and December 2016.  The first set of winners were announced in November and we are very proud of the five bursary winners as they begin their year with hope and excitement.  

The Bursary competition was an exclusive opportunity for Jet Club members to potentially be afforded an   opportunity to earn qualification either through Damelin or Damelin Correspondence Colleg, which are two of Educor’s private education brands. 

‘We at Jet Club are delighted to team up with Educor to bring this prize to our members,’ says, the Jet Club team. ‘We are constantly looking for ways to support and improve the lives of our members. With the respective strengths of both brands and our commitment to improving lives, Jet Club is proud to be associated with creating opportunities for individuals, and wishes all the winners much success with their studies.’

The bursary competition was one of Jet Club and Educor’s drives to cater to the country’s need for quality education in order to assist prospective students who wish to further their education but are unable to afford it.  

Ajanth Choudhree, General Manager of Damelin Correspondence College said, “We are excited to partner with Jet Club for this campaign and it gives us great pleasure to be able help students better their future for the New Year ahead.”  

The Educor team interviewed two of the winners who are both from disadvantaged backgrounds but are now hopeful for the future.

Francinah Tlou from Dennilton, Limpopo entered the competition for her son, Sydney who has signed up for a Higher Certificate in Marketing with Damelin Correspondence College.  According to Francinah, he was the first in their family to complete his matric and he is an ambitious man who wants the best for his future.  However, Francinah is unemployed and a tertiary education is just something she could not afford at this stage.  She said, “When I won, my heart was filled with gratitude, knowing that my son was going to fulfil his dream of studying with a well-recognised private institution, and his nightmares of staying at home because we did not have the money were going to end.”  Sydney ecstatic to begin his New Year as a student said, “This bursary will open closed doors for me, as I have been struggling for about a year to find a job.  Now with a Damelin qualification, I am fortunate that my future employers will value my knowledge and skills.”

Loraine Gugulethu Mzizi from Berea, Johannesburg, entered to hopefully change her situation as she was eager to get a fresh start.  Loraine became jobless this year, after a car accident that left her with a broken thigh and after nine months of trying to recover she hasn’t been able to find work.  Loraine, who previously worked as an Accounting Data Capturer is passionate about numbers and balancing finances, so she looks forward to her New Year where she will study towards a Damelin qualification in ICB Bookkeeping & Trial Balance. 

Damelin and Damelin Correspondence College are popular private education brands that have collectively been in existence for over 130 years in South Africa.  Its qualifications are employer-recognised and all Damelin degrees are university equivalent with thousands of alumni reaching career success in the job market. 

For disadvantaged individuals who need to still earn a living while they learn, Damelin Correspondence College is the ideal solution.  It offers a wide range of quality qualifications, all of which can be completed from the comfort of your home.

Damelin College, a face-to-face college is an award-winning brand that is renowned for continually providing innovation in education and it prides itself as a college that promotes work and play balance by offering a fun student lifestyle.  Its part-time classes also provide a convenient opportunity for busy students who need to meet work and family commitments.

Damelin and Damelin Correspondence College offer a selection of programmes, across various disciplines, from Information Technology and Financial Accounting to Tourism, Logistics and Photography.

To find out more about Damelin and Damelin Correspondence College and its offering call: 0860 532 887 or visit:

Damelin: www.damelin.co.za

Damelin Correspondence College: www.dcc.edu.za

Follow Damelin and Damelin’s Facebook page for the announcement of the next ten winners:


The Winners

Setlalleng Maria Welcome from Meadowlands, Soweto is currently an Intern at the Helen Joseph Hospital.  Her dream is to secure a good career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Mosia Thabang from Bethlehem is relieved to have the chance to study a tertiary education, which he can’t afford.  He believes that with this education, it will be easier to find a job, especially in a country like South Africa where jobs are scarce.

Thabiso Merchant Molobela from Ga-Rankuwa in Pretoria is currently a Ster-Kenikor Cashier.  Thabiso says she always wanted to go back to school but could never afford it.  For her this is as step closer to a better future.  Thabiso will study a course in Business Administration and Management with Damelin.

Loraine Gugulethu Mzizi from Berea, Johannesburg has been jobless since a terrible car accident that left her with a broken thigh.  She is excited to begin her New Year studying towards her dreams of one-day owing her own company.


Sydney Tlou from Dennilton, Limpopo with his mother, Francinah who entered for her son.


January 24, 2017

ICG Cape Town makes a move!

In an exciting announcement, International Colleges Group (ICG) Cape Town, the holding company of popular distance brands, such as Damelin Correspondence College (DCC), INTE College and Lyceum College has officially moved to their brand new offices, a mere 9.9kms from its old building in Foreshore to 1 Boundary Road, Century City. 

ICG’s new home overlooks the picturesque and breathtakingly beautiful table mountain and is close to the popular shopping mall, Canal Walk and the newly built Cape Town International Convention Centre. It is also within easy reach of all main transport amenities, such as My City, Golden Arrow and Metro Rail – making it the ideal hub for the distance student on the move.  ICG’s new home features an open-plan design with all-new furniture and a coffee shop for a relaxing stop. 

This move will bring distance and correspondence education to the forefront, allowing for greater accessibility and convenience

With a collective lineage of over 250 years, ICG’s brands lead the way in distance learning in South Africa.  Each of its brands holds a unique positioning in the education market to ensure that it caters to a diverse range of people.  ICG’s brands offer a wide bouquet of quality and affordable courses within the disciplines of High School, Business, Technical, Computer, Creative and Vocational.  

To find more about ICG’s distance learning brands and course offerings call: 041-585 0777 or visit its three brands below.

January 16, 2017

Failed matrics have a second chance

While most matriculants celebrated in grand style after passing the 2016 National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams, some sadly failed to get through.

A total of 800 000 learners sat down to write the exams, making it the largest group in South African history to ever write for the NSC. Out of the 800 000, only 150 000 learners obtained a bachelor’s pass that make them legible to apply to university, while a total of 18 schools in the country had a zero percent pass rate, adding to the thousands of matrics who failed the year.

Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga confirmed, “The Class of 2016 is the ninth cohort of learners to sit for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) and third cohort to write CAPS-aligned NSC Examinations.  The Class of 2016 has recorded the highest enrolment of Grade 12 learners in the history of the basic education system in South Africa.”

“The total number of candidates, who registered for the November 2016 NSC examinations was 828 020; comprising 674 652 full-time candidates and 153 368 part-time candidates.  Of these candidates, 610 178 full-time candidates and 107 793 part-time candidates, wrote the 2016 NSC examinations,” she added.

Department of Education’s Elijah Mhlanga said the 27.5% of those who failed still have a chance through the specially designed Second Chance Matric Support Programme.

“The Second Chance Matric Support Programme aims to provide support to learners who have not been able to meet the requirements of the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or the extended Senior Certificate (SC), thereby meeting the goals of the NDP and the sector thus increasing learner retention,” said Mhlanga.

“Learners who would like to take advantage of this opportunity to complete their school leaving qualification should contact their nearest Education District office before 15 March 2017 to register to write the November 2017 examinations,” he added.

Another option for students to improve their results or even rewrite matric is through private education institutions, FET and TVET colleges that offer convenient distance learning.

Damelin Correspondence College (DCC) for example, offers matrics a second chance to get it right and also gives them the freedom to earn an income instead of going back to school full time and repeating the grade.

The National Senior Certificate Rewrite is available for all 2016 matrics who have either failed or wish to improve their results in particular subjects. The Matric Rewrite can be tailor-made to suit any lifestyle with user friendly study material, access to qualified tutors who provide quick and quality feedback as well as personal attention should you need it.

DCC also offers the Senior Certificate Revised which is available for matriculants from any year who wish to complete their schooling career.

Completing matric is vital in today’s job market and will give you access to a world of opportunities. With over 40 years of experience in helping students with employment, DCC has become reputable as an education provider.

General Manager of DCC, Ajanth Choudree said, “Every year there is a large majority of matrics who look to study further to but sadly get turned away from universities on the basis of lack of space or they simply fail to meet basic entry requirements. However, we at Damelin Correspondence College welcome all those looking to advance their schooling career as well as develop and fine tune necessary skills needed to make their dream job a reality.”

January 26, 2015

Turned Away by University? There is a Second Chance for You

According to the Deputy Minister of Education and Training, Mduduzi Manana, students who have been turned away by universities should not be discouraged as they can still apply at Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges2.  Are you one of them?

This followed the 75.8% of matriculants who passed the 2014 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations of which only 28.3% of the learners qualified for admission to pursue their bachelor’s studies at university, leaving the remaining 47.5% of students confused about their future.

Fortunately for these students there is a second option. Private educational institutions and TVET colleges provide students with the option to achieve their National Senior Certificate, diploma or higher certificate through distance or face-to-face modes of study.

According to Minister Manana, in the last three years enrolment at TVET colleges has more than doubled, from 300 000 in 2012 to about 800 000 in 20142, thus reinforcing the notion that TVET colleges have fast become the go-to institutions to pursue ones tertiary education.

In 2015 in particular, the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, said that the country is showing steady improvements in tertiary education and student financial aid has increased with the National Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) allocating R9.5-billion for university and TVET students1.

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) recently released a list of 366 registered private TVET colleges which include popular names like Academy of York, INTEC College, BSN Medical, Central Technical College, Ekurhuleni Computer College and Damelin Correspondence College (DCC), among others.

The current education landscape provides various opportunities for you to explore alternative types of studying. For example, did you know that you could do matric via correspondence study? INTEC College and DCC for example, are two institutions that provide you with the option. For learners who did not pass Grade 12 and wish to rewrite or register for the first time, INTEC College and DCC offers tailored high school packages to advance students’ skills and help develop their careers.

Students can also continue their studies at the same institution by choosing from a range of accredited programmes. The programmes offered by these institutions range from education management, computer programming, bookkeeping,  business management, marketing, human resources, fashion design, interior decorating, early childhood development and project management, tourism, mechanical and electrical engineering, among others.

Distance learning provides unique differentiators from working whilst you study; studying in the comfort of your own home or workplace, quality study material designed specifically for home study, ongoing study support and individual attention from qualified tutors are just some of the flexible advantages.

Now that you have learnt that there are other credible options out there for you, be sure to use Deputy Minister Manana’s advice. Do not be discouraged and seek an accredited TVET college today.  

For more information on INTEC College or DCC, visit www.intec.edu.za or www.dcc.edu.za

Issued by the Group Communications Department:

For further information on this release, contact:
Group Head of Communications: Jessie Naidoo or
Public Relations and Events Coordinator: Ashmika Chottu
Tel: (031) 713 3800
Email: ashmika.chottu@icg.edu.za

1 Mail and Guardian, Zuma says universities are too costly – Nzimande disagrees, 2015, http://mg.co.za/article/2015-01-12-zuma-says-universities-are-too-costly-nzimande-disagrees

2 SABC News, Where will the matriculants of 2014 study? 2015, http://www.sabc.co.za/news/a/7b27300046eb433da334a726c7405250/Where-will-the-matriculants-of-2014-study-20151301

October 31, 2014

DCC grants Big Favour to ECR listener with a R25 000 Bursary

Listen to the live broadcast at the East Coast Radio


If ever there was any doubt that an education was a one way ticket to a brighter future, just ask Amanda Mkhize and that doubt will fade away. 

The lucky 22 year old from Clermont was awarded a bursary to achieve her National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) after being forced to drop out of school in Grade 11 to find employment as a domestic worker in order to financially support her family that had fallen on hard times.   

Damelin Correspondence College (DCC) in association with East Coast Radio (ECR) were touched by the moving letter Amanda had sent in to DJ Damon Beard’s ‘The Big Favour’ initiative about her dream to go back to school and achieve her goals.

Live at the East Coast Radio studio an ecstatic Amanda was brought to tears after the Group Head of Communications, Jessie Naidoo, gave her the good news.

Jessie said, “When Damon contacted our offices we were touched by Amanda’s motivation and life story. The one particular comment she had made that tugged at our heartstrings was when she said that she wished a light would come her way and brighten up her future. We were proud to inform Amanda that Damelin Correspondence College wanted to be that light and granted her wish to pursue her passion to study. Based on Amanda’s Grade 11 results, she was prequalified to study at DCC and is ready to start her studies next year.”

Jessie added that this was indeed an emotional moment for everyone at the studios, especially Amanda who gasped in excitement and repeatedly thanked DCC for not only uplifting her today, but also her tomorrow.

Damon expressed his gratitude to the DCC team for the generous sponsorship. Damon said, “The Big Favour, over the years, has helped hundreds of east coasters make their dreams come true and light up their lives in different ways. Having DCC come on board this year has made a huge difference to Amanda and certainly given her a new lease on life.”

Group Brand Head, Prabashni Reddy, added that Damelin Correspondence College, being in existence for over 50 years is registered with the Department of Higher Education as a private Further Education and Training College. “DCC has continued to strive in the distance education market, having just launched 50 new accredited courses including Business Management, Human Recourse Management and Labour Relations, among others. DCC is proud to welcome Amanda to the family of successful students under its banner.”

The DCC and ECR team would like to wish Amanda the very best with her studies and believe that she will be a role model for others to follow.

The excited bursary recipient, Amanda Mkhize, proudly displays her Damelin Correspondence College bursary letter.

From left - Group Brand Head, Prabashni Reddy, bursary recipient, Amanda Mkhize and Group Head of Communications, Jessie Naidoo, together with East Coast Radio’s Damon Beard at the studios.


Issued by the Group Communications Department

For further information on this release, contact:
Group Head of Communications: Jessie Naidoo or
Public Relations and Events Coordinator: Ashmika Chottu
Tel: (031) 713 3800
Email: jessie.naidoo@damelin.co.za or ashmika.chottu@damelin.co.za

August 26, 2014

The importance of PR internships

You are the product

Find out what Janine Lloyd Owner, PR Expert has to say in this question and answer session about public relations internships in the South African landscape.

What is an internship?

An internship is often a requirement of academic institutes for the completion of a degree or diploma. It provides students with an opportunity to get real work experience in their field of study to complement their theoretical studies. If this is not a requirement of the institute where the student is studying, an internship is a perfect way to get your foot in the door to enter the job market. It gives students a chance to prove that they have what it takes to be future public relations professionals and to get exposure to a wide range of public relations activities that will allow them to hone their career path in the right direction.

How to get an internship?

Be prepared to do some hard work. The internship market is very competitive and the positions available go to the students that stand out and do their homework. Your educational institute should have a list of companies who regularly take interns, so start there. You should also consider becoming a student member of the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA) as you will get access to industry events and people who will be able to help you. 

If a public relations consultancy is your thing, you will want to search Bizcommunity.com for potential job openings and also contact public relations consultancies you feel drawn to by researching the press offices on Bizcommunity. I recommend that you think about what your passion is – if you love entertainment, sport, fashion and IT then find a place where that is the focus of the work the consultancy does. If you lean towards business, find companies who have business and corporate clients.  Remember to follow your passion.

From there it is all about your CV/portfolio and your motivation letter. In the industry, written skills are highly important so your CV and motivation letter have to be compelling, well written and free from grammatical errors. You may need to follow up your CV with a phone call so be prepared to sell yourself verbally too.

Before going on aninterview, you need to research the company you are potentially going to work for. You need to understand what they do, what their culture is and be prepared to answer the question “why do you want to work here?” and “why should I hire you?”.

Most employers hire an intern on attitude – after all that is all they have to work with as internsdon’t have any experience. They are looking for people who are motivated, proactive and willing to work hard. The public relations industry is so fast paced, students who stand out have a strong work ethic, meet deadlines and are passionate about what they do want to be recognised.

In your motivation, remember to do the following:

Keep it short and to the point
Reflect your personality in the language you use
At the outset say why you want to work at their company
Then say why you believe they should hire you
Then pick out two achievements that you believe back up or prove what you have said
End off with a strong call to action – after all you want them to meet with you

When it comes to your CV:

Highlight your strengths and achievements
Include references where possible
Include examples of any work you may have done during your studies
Include your passions/hobbies as this tells them more about what type of person you are
Spell check, grammar check and proofread before you send it out
Keep it short – three to four pages

What not to do while on an internship:

In my experience, the following affects how I view an intern:

Don’t come in late, leave early or bang off at 5 o’clock – unless transport is an issue. This says you are only there to do your job. People want to hire interns who go above and beyond what is expected.

Ask for help when you need it. If you don’t, it could compromise your work so don’t be afraid to say if you don’t understand something.

Do not sit on Facebook or talk on your phone with friends. If you have nothing to do, be proactive and ask where you can help.

Don’t complain if you are given a task you consider beneath you. Everyone starts somewhere so be prepared to wrap gifts, do admin and pitch in wherever it is needed. Prove to the company that you are willing to do what it takes to do the job.

Should interns only focus on one organisation?

I believe that an internship is only valuable if you have a longer-term contract such as six to nine months with one company. This allows you to get breadth and depth of experience in one company so that you understand all the elements of what it takes to be a public relations professional. 

Should students be interning without being compensated at all?

My first job was unpaid because I had to prove myself. And I was willing to do it for six months. It is a tough market because there are so many entrants, and sometimes you may have to take an unpaid internship just to get the experience. The standard in the industry seems to be R3500 – R5000 per month. Some companies only offer a transport allowance. Don’t make this an issue at your interview – prospective employers want to see how passionate you are to get experience. The more interviews you go on the more opportunities you will have to be able to assess whether you are willing to do an unpaid internship.

What do you have to say about the statement In the UK? “Tony Blair agreed to pay all his interns after public pressure and a threatened investigation.”

I personally believe interns should be paid a salary. However, I also know how much time and resources it takes to train an intern properly. I also understand when NGOs or smaller consultancies just don’t have the funds. The Services SETA and PRISA are working together to see how the industry can facilitate reimbursements from SETA for internships.

What do interns want and are they being met?

Most interns today want to do valuable work where they get to work on top clients and get exposure to exciting campaigns. However, it is not always possible to get this exposure especially as an intern. I promise you that if you work hard and prove that you are dedicated, professional and produce quality work, you will have an opportunity to do more meaningful work.

Virtual internship, does this work or not?

It never works. Interns need guidance and structure as they are just entering the workforce which is a big change from student life. They need to be part of a team, to understand the bigger picture and be coached as to where they are going wrong or doing well. This can never happen virtually as it requires daily interaction.

In a declining economy how are we managing the influx of new students on an annual basis?

The reality is there are not enough positions to fill the need of public relations students. However, the Public Relations Consultants’ Chapter (PRCC) of PRISA is working on a programme to educate the industry on the need for more internships; to provide guidance on internship models; and help with facilitating payment of interns through Services SETA.

As the saying goes… “When leaving, leave on a good note and don’t burn your bridges”…

Remember that everyone you meet on your internship is a referral for you, so keep your relationships positive and do your best to keep your personal reputation intact. It’s a small industry and you can’t afford to close any doors behind you.


April 01, 2013

Damelin Correspondence College Awards R70 000 in Bursaries

Every month, from October 2012-April 2013, Damelin Correspondence College has awarded bursaries to the value of R70 000 to the following lucky recipients: October 2012(Taygen Ormandy), November 2012 (Chris Hlatshwayo), December 2012 (Melikhaya Hans), January 2013 (Adelein Alexander), February 2013 (Jacobeth Matshdiso), March 2013 (Nishen Prawlall), April 2013 (Bernadette Theresa Hassen).

Damelin Correspondence College (DCC) will be presenting deserving students with bursaries valued at R70 000, each month from October 2012 to April 2013.  R20 000 has already been awarded for October and November, and our winners are Taygen Ormandy (18) and Chris Hlatshwayo (27) respectively, who will now have the opportunity to study programmes of their choice.

For over 40 years, Damelin Correspondence College has been helping thousands of South Africans reach their dreams by giving them access to quality distance learning courses. Course offerings range from high school certificates to credentials from various professional institutes, as well as a wide range of other career development programmes. Damelin Correspondence College is provisionally accredited by Umalusi, the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training, Umalusi Prov. Accr. No. FET 00475 PA. DCC has a course to meet everyone’s needs, and aims to make higher quality distance learning courses accessible to all.

Upon matriculating last year, Taygen Ormandy’s dream of becoming a physiotherapist was hindered as he did not study Mathematics and Physical Science in high school. The bursary from DCC, will allow Taygen to complete the necessary subjects in just one year, and set him on the correct path to attain his degree in physiotherapy.

This bursary has been life-changing for Taygen. “When I went into a DCC branch to enquire about the Matric programmes, I never dreamt of the possibilities that this would lead to. The student advisor told me that I was eligible for a bursary, and a few weeks later I received the call saying that I would receive one. This has helped both my family and me, since we have been under a lot of financial strain lately. The bursary will help me fulfil my passion of becoming a qualified physiotherapist”, said Taygen.

November winner, Chris Hlatshwayo, always wanted to obtain a tertiary qualification, but could not do so, due to financial constraints. He said, “I have longed to study for the last four years yet knew that my finances would not allow me to. I contacted DCC since I knew that they were not a fly-by-night campus, and wanted to investigate my study options and payment plans. After explaining my situation to the student advisor, I was told that I would be offered a bursary with DCC. This has changed my life, and awarded me an incredible opportunity.”

A recent study by the Human Sciences Research Council revealed that many students registered with South African universities are from extremely poor homes and many are forced to work part-time jobs in order to meet both their educational and daily survival needs (“Why Students Leave: the problem of high university drop-out rates’, by Moeketsi Letseka, www.hsrc.ac.za). Taking this into account, DCC has made it a priority to assist students in need with bursaries to study towards qualifications of their chosen career path, and improve the quality of their lives. “We are proud to be part of this worthy initiative”, said DCC Brand Manager, Strini Rajgopaul. 

For further information, contact:

Jessie Naidoo:  Group Communications Head
Tash Pillay: Public Relations Coordinator, on

Tel:  031 2519406
Email:  jessie.naidoo@damelin.co.za or tash.pillay@damelin.co.za


April 2013 Winner

April Winner

Bernadette Theresa Hassen (32)

"I would like to thank Damelin Correspondence College for making my dream a reality.  This bursary has changed my life as well as that of my family’s. I can now complete my Grade 12 with confidence and get a good job to provide for my family. Once again thank you very much!

March 2013 Winner

March Winner

Nishen Prawlall (18)

"Thank you for awarding me this opportunity and winning this bursary is the first step to my success.This bursary is ideal as it allows me to study and work at the same time. The financial services industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country and a Bookkeeping qualification will help me get my foot in the door, where opportunities are endless. Thank you Damelin for making my dream a reality.”

February 2013 Winner

Feb Winner

Jacobeth Matshdiso Moferefere (40)

"The DCC bursary has changed my life. I never thought that I would be given the chance to study further. I really appreciate your support and kindness. This bursary will reduce the financial burden on me and my family. It has always been my dream to study Business Administration, and this field will help me change the lives and well-being of the public. Thank you again for this opportunity.”

January 2013 Winner

Jan winner

Adelein Alexander (19)

"Winning this bursary has been a dream come true for me, as I have longed to study but didn’t have the money to do so. If it wasn’t for the bursary, I would have had to take a gap year to work and save towards my studies.
Thank you DCC!”


December 2012 Winner

December Winner

Melikhaya Hans (21)

“It has been a dream of mine to study for the past 10 years, and I couldn’t as I am the only breadwinner in my family, and my income goes towards providing the necessities for my siblings and myself. I currently work in a Call Centre and would like to progress to a management position, and I believe that the bursary from Damelin Correspondence College will help me to do so”.

October 2012 Winner

October Winner

Taygen Ormandy

“The DCC bursary has helped both my family and me, since we have been under a lot of financial strain lately. This will help me fulfil my passion of becoming a qualified physiotherapist”




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