February 13, 2018

5 Inexpensive ways to have the Perfect date on Valentine’s day

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With Valentine ’s Day is here and it’s hard to ignore the subtle love excitement all around. Single or dating, this is a time where you can get into the mood of romance, watch your favourite love comedies and just celebrate love. You might think that Valentine ’s Day is too cheesy or overrated but, it definitely ignites the sparks in a relationship when you make an effort to treat your loved one and make them smile.    

Many people have their Valentines wish list set out of what they would like from their partners on this day. Others go out of their way to think of ideas that will surprise their significant others. Most lovebirds want to express their love for one another and celebrate love on days such as Valentines.

The downside to Valentine ’s Day excitement is that it falls mid-month when most people still trying to recover from the January dent. With this in mind, you can improvise and use any one of these amazing ideas below to create an unforgettable Valentine ’s Day.

1.     Alfresco Date: Valentine’s Picnic 

Although it may seem overdone or old school, but picnic dates can be a great way to spend quality time with the one you love. Picnics allow you to absorb the scenic views in the location you choose and gives you a chance to relax in the outdoors and appreciate each other.

You can take advantage of the outdoor surrounding, which adds to the ambience for a great vibe. You can be imaginative, have fun with the theme and come up with spontaneous activities for the date. Getting props such as cushions, picnic basket, cute Valentine’s décor such as balloons makes it that much more dreamy. Playing games such as blindfolding and food tasting can be great entertainment. Other exciting games you can play are card games, truth or dare or even board games.

When it comes to food, you can buy a variety of bite foods that are tasty. Alternatively, you can DIY and prepare exciting mini treats that will excite your taste buds.

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2.      Everything they love in one box! Create your own Gift box 

Although buying a ready-made gift box or hamper can be cool, you can save up money when you invent a personal gift when you customise your items. Knowing what your partner fancies, is the best way to put together their favourite foods, items and things to go into a gift. This one is guaranteed to score you some big points! This can include their favourite chocolate, wine, gift voucher, picture frame or anything that you know they would appreciate.

The first step is to look at ideas for items to include in a gift box to create the best concept. From the new ideas and knowing what your partner likes, you can write down the items you plan to get for that gift.

In line with staying within your budget, you can compare prices for items at various stores and maximise on the Valentines specials. Once you have all your items you can assemble the gifts inside the box and make sure that the box itself is beautifully wrapped. If you not sure you can do this well, get help from someone you know can do it. After that, it’s a wrap and you’re ready to impress.


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3.      Turn up the Romance with a Vday Clip 

Well, another idea that could make your significant other laugh, smile and cry at the same time is creating a video clip compiling pics and video memories you have made together. This is a thoughtful way to show your partner that you have a record of your love.

This can be photos and videos from the start of your relationship and your transitions in the journey of love. You can also use random pics that they might not have seen before, to add an element of surprise. With cool video making apps, you can create this video instantly using your smartphone. You also get to choose a romantic song play on the video clip to enhance the final output. This one will definitely spark some emotion.

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4.      Attend an Art Class 

This can be a sweet and fun session where you get to bond with your partner over colourful art. Coupled with complimentary drinks and light treats or takeouts, this can be the perfect way to relieve stress. As you step away from the world and indulge in creative fun, you can get your partner in a stimulating mood by trying something different.

You can express yourself and surprise each other with what you can come up with. In the end, you will get to take the painting that you have created together and keep it as a special memory.

The average cost for art classes for couples ranges from around R200 per person. There are amazing Valentine ’s Day art specials all around the country where you and your partner can have an incredible time.

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5.      Taking a Hike as a Couple 

While hiking might not seem like the usual Valentines Day activity, getting active and having an outdoor adventure might just be what your relationship needs to bring some thrill. This can be a fun fitness challenge where you can accomplish a hike together and feel good about it.

You can plan a couple’s hike where you aim to reach a destination together and push each other along the way. This can teach you to always motivate each other throughout your relationship and to be supportive. Once you reach the peak, you can compliment each other and appreciate each other's strength. 

You can use this activity to reflect on your individual and relationship goals and to share your deepest thoughts. This can be a great way to make sure you and your loved one are on the same path. In this way, you are aware of each other’s aspirations and affirm each other, which is vital.

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The Gift of a Lifetime- Studying for your goals 

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The best gift of love you can give to a loved one is a chance to better their future. When you encourage your loved one to pursue their study goals, it empowers them to prosper in their career. Equipping yourselves with knowledge will allow you to escalate your careers and give you more options to prosper.

You can actualise your goals of doing business or goals to become leaders in your industry, through education. This investment allows you and your partner to reach your financial goals and live life to the fullest.


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