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Build the foundations of your future with a high school qualification from Damelin Correspondence College. With a range of locally and internationally recognised courses, every learner can acquire a qualification that is tailored to his or her needs.

Select a course in Grade 12

Senior Certificate Grade 12 (Old curriculum)

The Senior Certificate is obtained after successful completion of Grade 12 on the old curriculum (Nated Report 550). The last examination and opportunity to obtain this qualification will be in May/June 2014. These examinations are administered by the Department of Basic Education, and the certificate is awarded by UMALUSI. As a student, you can either achieve this certificate with or without an endorsement. A Senior Certificate with an endorsement will allow you entrance to university, provided you meet all the entrance requirements of the university. Technical Colleges, Universities of Technology and other Colleges generally do not require an endorsement as an entrance requirement. It is your responsibility to enquire from the institution of your choice whether you meet their entrance requirements.
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