DCC’s Learning Opportunities

DCC caters for a wide variety of learner needs. This means that we offer both formal and non-formal programmes. It is important that you understand the type of programme for which you are enrolling.

Damelin Correspondence College offers you the following learning opportunities:

National qualifications are credit-bearing qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and accredited by a quality assurance body, such as a SETA. A skills programme is an accredited component of a national qualification. An example of a national qualification offered by DCC is the National Certificate in Bookkeeping, NQF Level 3, SAQA ID 58375, accredited by FASSET.

DCC Provider Programmes are DCC’s vocational certificates and diplomas that enhance your skills and improve your career opportunities. Provider programmes are not linked to the NQF, but they are in high demand and carry the approval of the DCC Academic Board. An example of a DCC provider programme is the DCC Certificate in Professional Secretary.

Agent Programmes are programmes for which DCC offers tuition, but where DCC does not issue the final certificate. The agent body issues the final certificate and manages the final examinations. An example of an agent programme offered by DCC is the Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) programme.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programmes are short courses that help you add to your current professional knowledge in a particular field, and hence boost your abilities within your career. An example of a DCC CPD programme is the DCC Short Course in Conflict Management.

Orientation Programmes are short courses that introduce you to a particular field or career, and that offer you the opportunity to explore an interest or skills set without having to enrol on a full programme. An example of a DCC orientation programme is the DCC Short Course: Introduction to Radio Broadcasting.

Self-employment Programmes were designed to refine your skills in a particular field of interest, to teach you how to make a living from a particular skill, interest or hobby, and to help you start your own business. An example of a DCC self-employment programme is the DCC Diploma in Computerised Bookkeeping.

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