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Today’s job market is highly competitive, particularly for young people who are seeking their first job. In this environment, the most valuable asset that a job-seeker can have is a relevant qualification from an acclaimed and respected distance learning institution.

Damelin Correspondence Distance Learning Courses

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Damelin Correspondence has 6 specialist schools to cater for every interest.

  • Business School

    This school offers distance learning courses in administration, accounting, management, marketing and other business-related fields.

  • Computer School

    Discover the worlds of computers, multimedia, IT management and PC engineering with Damelin Correspondence courses.

  • General School

    Find courses relating to law enforcement and security.

  • High School

    Acquire Locally and internationally recognised secondary qualifications via distance learning.

  • Technical School

    Learn the skills you will need to become a draughtsman with Damelin Correspondence courses.

  • Vocational School

    Explore a range of vocations and arts through distance learning courses, including design, hospitality, media studies and more.

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