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Damelin Business School has played a major role in business education and training for over 40 years. The College provides high quality training and business management courses for those who need hands-on skills to advance their careers in the South African business world.

Bookkeeping »

These qualifications are designed for individuals wanting a career in creditors’ control, payroll administration, E-filing or junior tax administration. They are ideal for individuals wanting to build a solid foundation in the bookkeeping field.

Business Management »

Damelin Correspondence College offers Certification and Diploma studies in the following key areas: Human Resources Management, Marketing Management and IT Management

Clerical Administration »

Successful graduates will be equipped to take responsibility for administrative ?tasks in business, and for performing certain support activities for management and professional personnel.

Credit Management »

Learn about the various forms and sources of credit. Be introduced to the basics of contract law, and discover supervisory skills that will help you succeed in the workplace.

Customer Service »

Business across the globe is experiencing a tremendous acceleration in the growth of Customer Services facilities. These courses will teach you the skills that you need to excel in this field.

Finance and Accounting »

Become equipped to contribute to one of South Africa’s largest industries – the finance sector. Gain the financial skills that you need to further your career, and become eligible for a variety of challenging and rewarding roles.

Human Resource Management »

The Human Resource Management Programme from Damelin Business School is designed to give the aspirant practitioner a broad-based knowledge of the Human Resources function. Discover how to play a role in the correct selection, placement, training and management of staff.

Import and Export Management »

Are you looking to launch or enhance your career in the field of imports and exports?
 Learn all you need to know about the risks of handling freight, competing globally, structuring an effective export program, understanding key distribution logistics and getting to grips with foreign financial considerations.

Institute of Business Studies (IBS) »

The modern Business environment demands much more than mere theoretical knowledge. Employers want employees who have skills, competencies, and the ability to meet performance targets from day one. The IBS courses have been developed to meet stringent business requirements and will help you rise to that challenge. The accessible curriculla and assessments also meet the standards of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), setting you on a rewarding path of life-long learning.

Local Government »

Make a difference by getting to know the ins and outs of local government management and finance. Discover how to meet the basic needs of communities and improve people’s lives.

Management Career Programmes »

The Learning Programmes in Management and Business Management courses are designed for students who wish to get to grips with the various functions of management and become equipped to be leaders in their field.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management »

The field of Supply Chain Management has become tremendously important to companies operating in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. The term
 ”supply chain” refers to the entire network of companies that work together to design, produce, and deliver products. Knowing how to make the supply chain work in the best interest of a company will make you sought after in the workplace.

Marketing »

Discover how to influence the decisions of consumers using the marketing mix. Learn the basic sales techniques that will take your career to new heights. Gaining a sales or marketing qualification will enable you to embark on a rewarding career in this exciting field.

Office Administration »

Office administrators assist executives to perform at their best, thereby providing the backbone of every company’s success. Learn the skills that will enable you to succeed in the administration of every field from accounting and business to tourism and public relations.

Paralegal Studies »

Paralegals are employed by lawyers, government agencies and other organisations. They do not appear in court or represent clients, but do a range of legal research and administration that helps the firm to win cases. These courses will enable you to launch your career in a wide variety of legal fields from conveyancing and wills to criminal law.

Payroll Administration »

These Damelin Business School qualifications and business management courses will provide students with the broad? knowledge, skills and values that they will need to operate in the fields of? governance and administration. The learning programme content also? highlights the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes that the student will ?require to advance further in this environment.

Project Management »

Learn the skills that you will need to ensure that projects succeed within defined constraints. These courses will teach you to handle the complexities of both large and small projects, equipping you with both the business management knowledge and the computer skills that you will need to succeed.

Public Relations »

Public Relations practitioners are the public faces of companies, ensuring that good relationships are established and maintained with the community that they serve. DCC’s Public Relations programmes will equip you with the theory and skills that you need to thrive in this exciting field.

Secretarial »

A successful business cannot do without a skilled and reliable
 secretarial department. Secretaries organise the working lives
 of directors and managers, and also play a vital role in supporting the 
functioning of a corporate team. Gain the expertise you need to efficiently support key role-players in business.

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