DCC Principles of Development Psychology Short Programme Certificate

Course fee

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Course Introduction

The factors that affect us all in those crucial early developmental years when our personalities are formed are the topics covered in this course. You also will learn how to create a healthy and stimulating environment for a child's development.

Course Contents

The Infant

  • Prenatal development and the early years

The Pre-School Child

  • Support the child's development during changes in the child's body, personality, cognition, imagination language develop, and socially.

The School-Age Child

  • Physical characteristics, appearance of new skills, complex interpersonal relationships 


The Adolescent

  • The phase of searching for identity self- direction, changing relationships with peers and parents

An Overview of Human Life & Growth

  • The stages of human life from adolescence to death 

Career Fields/Further Studies

You can use this short course for self-enrichment. Additional studies, further qualifications and registration with the relevant regulatory bodies are required to enter a career in psychology. Please enquire at your nearest Damelin Correspondence College branch for the prospectus containing information with regard to further studies. 

Programme Type

The DCC Principles of Developmental Psychology Short Programme Certificate is part of the DCC Self-Enrichment series. The DCC Principles of Developmental Psychology Short Programme Certificate is a DCC short course, which is not an accredited NQF qualification. This programme has been approved by the Damelin Correspondence College Academic Board. 

Programme Duration

You should be able to complete this course within 12 months

Entrance Requirements

Grade 12 (Std 10) or equivalent, or relevant work experience.

Student Assessment

You are required to complete and submit five assignments to the College for marking. All the assignments must be successfully passed in order to obtain the award.

All students are encouraged to work on all the assignments that are in the study guide. However, students are required to submit compulsory assignments that are provided in the Study Programme. Only these compulsory assignments will be marked and accounted for to be included in the final mark. 


Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive your DCC Principles of Developmental Psychology Short Programme Certificate. 

*Non-credit bearing/Not aligned to NQF

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