National N Diploma: N6 Engineering Studies (Electrician - Heavy Current)

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Course Introduction

During your studies you will acquire technical knowledge of the principles of electricity, which include current flow of electricity in an electrical circuit. Furthermore, you will learn about magnetism and electricity, induction and capacitors. In addition to this you will have full understanding of DC machines in relation to construction and operations, and DC generators and motors. You will also gain insight into alternating current theory, alternating current machines and measuring instruments.

Course Contents

  • Mathematics N6: Differentiation; Applications of differentiations; Integration techniques; Partial fractions; Areas and volumes; Centroids and centres of gravity; The second moment of area; The centre of pressure; The moment of inertia; Differential equations; Applications where differentiation and integration are combined
  • Industrial Electronics N6: Transients; Transducers; Ultrasonics; X-rays and radioactivity; Automatic inspection, testing and NDT; Electronic Safety Devices; Electronic Power control; Thyristor Devices and SCR Speed Control; Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Electrotechnics N6: Direct Current (d.c. machines); Alternating current (a.c.) circuit theory; Transformers; Synchronous machinery; Polyphase induction motors; Generation andsupply of a.c. power; Overhead line protection; Cable faults
  • Logic Systems N6: Operational amplifier; Analogue-to-digital Converters; Basic Computer System and Microprocessors; Programming the Microprocessors, Video Display and I/O Devices


Programme Type

The National Certificate: N6 Engineering Studies (SAQA ID 67005) is a National Qualification delivered under the auspices of the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Programme Duration

You should be able to complete in 12 months.

Entrance Requirements

N5 National Certificate or equivalent.


Upon successful completion of your required exams for each subject, you will be awarded your National Certificate: N5 Engineering Studies from the Department of Higher Education and Training.

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